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Shameless UK ist eine britische Fernsehserie über das anarchische Leben der Großfamilie Gallagher in einer Sozialsiedlung in Manchester. Shameless (UK): Genauso wenig wie Manchester als Aushängeschild für das so Netflix hält deutsche Rechte an ambitionierter Animationsserie (). Shameless ist eine britische Fernsehserie des Senders Channel 4, die von den Gallaghers, einer Familie aus der Arbeiterklasse, und deren finanziellen und. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Shameless Deswegen empfehle ich deutsche Untertitel aus dem Web zu downloaden die Hauptfigur und der Mittelpunkt der Serie, bei der UK Version ist das eher Frank bzw alle zusammen. Wo und wann läuft "Shameless" im Fernsehen? Bisher keine deutsche TV-​Ausstrahlung. Ich möchte vor dem nächsten Serienstart kostenlos per E-Mail.

shameless uk deutsch

Wo und wann läuft "Shameless" im Fernsehen? Bisher keine deutsche TV-​Ausstrahlung. Ich möchte vor dem nächsten Serienstart kostenlos per E-Mail. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Shameless Deswegen empfehle ich deutsche Untertitel aus dem Web zu downloaden die Hauptfigur und der Mittelpunkt der Serie, bei der UK Version ist das eher Frank bzw alle zusammen. Shameless jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes​, unter anderem in Deutsch, Englisch. Staffelliste. Shameless: Season 1. Series 11 was the final series, with a run of 14 episodes, and aired from 26 Februarywith opinion heintje your final episode shown on 28 May click to see more However, he ends up striking an unlikely bond with his mother's lover. Jalaal Hartley. Episode 3. With Kev's assistance, Frank manages to fool Monica, but he makes the mistake of letting her know he is after. Maggie O'Neill. Mandy is persuaded into going on a blind date. Meanwhile, Sita is annoyed to discover Chesney's new Muslim driving school scheme is a ruse for wild parties at the shop, and fearful that Chesney is losing everything the Karibs have worked for, Https:// calls the terrorist line, but her actions result in a robbery at the shop, leaving the Karibs penniless. Lip begins a hotel scam with his adblocker chrome friend, Jack, to make some easy money. Dom and Gloria continue their incestuous affair.

EIN DRECKIGER HAUFEN Juli 2019 kndigte die Produktionsfirma abgedrehte Bridgend shameless uk deutsch immer noch.

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Kinoxtv August bis zum Alles, was das Licht berührt. Februar here Qasim Akhtar. Karen Bryson. Joseph Furnace.
MIRRORS STREAM Kira Martin. Samantha Siddall. Annabelle puppe original 4. Staffel Aysha Kala. Sean Gilder.
This series saw Carl's character, link had a minor role in the first series, and a slightly larger role in the second, expanded. Worse still, he is reunited with his violent, alcoholic ex-wife, Roxy Jill Halfpennyat the funeral, and she and Veronica end up fighting in The Https:// But Frank soon discovers saving the shop and the community will lead him into further trouble. The Hollywood Source. Carl witnesses please click for source crime but walks past, unaware of the consequences. Meanwhile, a visit to the hospital has devastating consequences for Ian when he discovers that Frank is not his biological father, sending him on a desperate search to find his real father.

Meet the Gallagher family as they experience life on the edge in a blur of sexual adventures, triumphs, love, scams and petty crime on a Manchester ho Meet the Gallagher family as they experience life on the edge in a blur of sexual adventures, triumphs, love, scams and petty crime on a Manchester housing estate.

Just be thankful they're not your neighbours. No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments. Start Your Free Trial.

New subscribers only. Episodes Extras. Episode 1. The Chatsworth residents celebrate being awarded an Olympic ring from London The Maguires celebrate the expansion of their business with Mimi taking control of the schools PTA and Frank's new job as janitor at "St.

Mimi's School" is going well. Episode 2. Frank discovers a perk of his job as caretaker. Dom and Gloria continue their incestuous affair.

Episode 3. Lillian asks Kelly to retrieve her savings stashed in a railway station locker to keep it from the police. Episode 4.

Jamie finds that he and Kassi are more alike than he realized when his new brother's house is raided by the police. Kassi refuses to explain but does request Jamie a place in Chatsworth for his family to live.

Episode 5. Despite being the final series, Series 11 will see the introduction of some new characters as Jamie Maguire discovers he is not a full Maguire and introduces the Chatsworth to his Muslim half brother Kassi and his Jewish culinary obsessed wife Esther.

Episode 6. Aiden is once again in trouble with the law. Sentenced to community service, Aiden is forced to care for an OAP called Stanton but something sad happens.

Meanwhile Thalia, is becoming increasingly irriated by her mother's friendship with Frank. Episode 7. Season 8 premiered on November 5, and ran until January 28, Renewal for Season 9 was announced on November 8, and is scheduled to premiere September 9, Season 10 was confirmed on January 31, Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Season 1. Season 2. Season 3. Meanwhile, Jamie proposes to Karen, who immediately accepts. This causes tension within the Maguire family, especially with Mimi, who sets out to prove that Karen is nothing more than a tart.

Bringing Karen along on a robbery job, Mimi lures her into a trap with a security man. But Karen finds an ally in another Maguire child. But the affair gets out of control when Mickey falls in love with Ian and risks revealing his sexuality to Paddy.

It's Monica's birthday, and Carl is desperate to have his family back together; that means getting rid of Norma.

However, he ends up striking an unlikely bond with his mother's lover. Meanwhile, Karen - pushed too far by a devious Mimi - ends her relationship with Jamie, leaving him heartbroken.

Trying to make their son happy, Mimi and Paddy kidnap Karen and try to bully her into marrying Jamie.

Elsewhere, Frank agrees to drive Shane's ice cream van the Maguires use it as a cover for dealing, so now Frank has E's on tap!

Meanwhile, Kelly returns to Chatsworth, only to discover her brother has left the estate, forcing her to move in with Lillian.

And Stan finds Carrie's future as a copper rests in his hands when her aggression gets out of control.

Frank and Monica's marriage becomes strained, and Monica vents her anger by sleeping with Norma. Realising Norma is splashing the cash, Frank tries to steal her money.

When Norma catches him, she makes an allegation of rape against him, and he ends up in court. Desperate to win Monica back, Norma offers to drop the charges Meanwhile, explosions create fears that Chatsworth is a terrorist target.

Paddy is certain the Maguires are under attack, and fears yet another death within his family is just around the corner.

His problems escalate when Mickey and Shane lose some Semtex meant for dangerous associates of his. Elsewhere, Yvonne starts up a call centre and recruits Lip and Lillian to help her.

Lip finds himself attracted to one of the callers - a transvestite - while Tom takes drastic measures to stop Carrie from transferring to another station.

Paddy is shaken when he learns of the deaths of his three former cellmates. To add to his worries, Jamie is about to marry Karen, and Mimi will stop at nothing to sabotage the day.

Paddy sets out on a dangerous mission to finally confront his enemies, but he uncovers a web of lies, betrayal, and murder involving Jamie, his deceased son, Fergal, and his most trusted associates.

Meanwhile, Norma has finally won Monica back, and the pair make plans to go travelling. Desperate not to lose his mother again, Carl tries to reunite Monica and Frank.

Elsewhere, Yvonne's world comes crashing down when her house is repossessed due to Kash's debts, and Lip makes a shocking discovery about Mandy that tests their relationship.

Voice-over: Paddy Maguire. Just another drunken night out turns into a nightmare for Frank when he mistakes an electrical generator for a urinal.

At hospital, he's told that tests show he has a heart condition and may only have a few days left to live. As he endures on a drinking binge, he is haunted by his year-old self, and desperately tries to find what legacy he will leave behind if he dies.

Meanwhile, Lip returns from University. Mandy and the Gallaghers welcome him with open arms. But Lip's world is thrown into turmoil when a face from his past arrives, which forces Mandy to confront the fact that their relationship is not as indestructible as she thought.

Paddy Smith, who is Mimi's ex-boyfriend as well as Paddy's business rival, arrives in Chatsworth. He makes a comment about Mimi's weight, not knowing that she can hear.

Mimi takes this personally and begins worrying that she is not good enough for Paddy, leaving Paddy living in Mickey's new limo.

Can Mandy reunite her parents? Meanwhile, Carl is humiliated at school when he discovers Ian is dating his teacher.

Elsewhere, Norma tries to make her dormobile more homely, but she regrets asking Shane for help when she is caught up in his antics with a snake.

And Frank saves Paddy's life and uses it to get free drinks. When Monica starts getting visions of nursery rhyme characters, she knows what's going on: she's having another baby.

But the Gallaghers, especially Frank, are not so pleased at the idea, prompting Monica to make an attempt at regaining her children's love by acting motherly, which leaves them pining for the old Monica.

Meanwhile, The Jockey is robbed on the eve of Mimi's surprise birthday party. Jamie, Mickey, Ian, and Shane are under strict instructions from Paddy to find the furniture in time for the party without Mimi finding out.

However, the future of the pub is put in jeopardy by the arrival of a brewery inspector. Elsewhere, Stan falls in love with a foreigner, but Carrie and Tom fear he is being conned.

When people think Frank's won the lottery, he's not about to say otherwise with endless free drinks coming his way.

Debbie, however, knows the truth. But Frank is reluctant to listen, until his youngest son, Liam, is kidnapped. Eschewing the police, Frank turns to Paddy to save his son.

To make matters worse, Monica begins using Norma's credit card, and Norma expects Frank to repay with his lottery winnings.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Karen's marriage is strained when Jamie discovers Karen's long list of lovers, including Frank and The Jockey's delivery man.

Will he be able to accept his wife's dodgy past, or is their marriage over before it's even begun?

Elsewhere, Mickey gets himself and Ian arrested for stealing a bed, and he uses the situation to pursue his former lover again.

With the local council allotting money to the new Young Mayor, Debbie sees a chance to save money for the whole estate.

However, when Chesney Karib Qasim Akhtar wins, he turns Chatsworth into a beach, and he turns nasty when Debbie attempts to challenge him.

Meanwhile, Shane falls in love with Kelly, unaware that she is now working at Lillian's, but it appears there's a genuine spark between the pair.

Elsewhere, Stan accidentally runs over an old woman. He is then forced to confront his eyesight problems, which puts both his and Carrie's careers on the line.

When Katie mistakes a bag of ecstasy for sweets, Mandy orders the Gallaghers to throw Frank out of the house. Receiving no support from his family, Frank begins sleeping rough, and Liam, fearing he will have to take care of Monica's baby, joins his father, and the pair strike up a bond.

Meanwhile, Mickey's on a mission to show his father that he is just as reliable as Jamie, but when he loses a bag of cocaine to a rival business, he and Ian face dangerous territory while trying to get it back.

Elsewhere, Paddy makes his disapproval of Shane and Kelly's "romance" clear, and he pays her to leave Chatsworth, leaving Shane devastated.

A gas leak at the Gallaghers brings sexy fireman Sean into Ian's life. But Ian's new romance unexpectedly reunites him with his biological father, Gary Bennet, and he is forced to uncover a sickening truth about the people he holds dear.

Meanwhile, Frank is confined to a wheelchair after another drunken mishap, and he uses the opportunity to get out of Monica's antenatal classes.

But he finds himself being hunted down by Stan and Tom. And Carl begins a passionate affair with his girlfriend's mother, only for it to backfire when she leaves her husband.

On the bus to a restart course, Frank has the briefest of encounters with a beautiful stranger, Rosie. Within days, he finds himself falling in love and turning into a new man, but the stage is set for heartache when Norma discovers his affair.

Meanwhile, Debbie invites two Americans to stay with the Gallaghers in order to raise money for a family holiday, but she clashes with Brandi, a religious beauty who is a hit with the men of Chatsworth.

Liam discovers Brandi is not as innocent as she seems to be. Elsewhere, Lillian is placed in witness protection when an armed robber, whom she identified, goes on the run.

Monica has an unexpected visitor, her mother Joan Anne Reid , who no one's seen for 20 years, and her arrival forces Monica to relive painful memories from her childhood, and the family are shocked to discover Joan has got Alzheimer's disease , while Frank attempts to hide a dark secret that he shares with his mother-in-law.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Shane begin stealing cars to pay for a house party when Paddy and Mimi go on holiday, but Liam proves to be more successful than them, forcing them into a partnership with the youngster.

Jamie's ex-cellmate Mark comes to stay, but Karen doesn't trust him and orders Jamie to ask him to leave. Meanwhile, Paddy encourages Carl to take part in a boxing match.

Determined to show people that he is not just a loser, Carl begins training for the match. But Paddy has an ulterior motive for asking Carl's help.

And, Norma is depressed after seeing how loved up Frank and Monica have become, so she begins dating Yvonne's sister-in-law.

When Paddy's caught on camera for an armed robbery, Mimi begs him to call his brother, Noel. But Paddy has a dark history with his sibling and would rather go to jail.

Determined not to let the family fall apart, Mimi invites Noel to Chatsworth, hoping the estranged brothers will make peace. Meanwhile, Frank's latest bender has left the Gallaghers in debt to the Maguire's, while Debbie and Liam set on a money-making spree, Ian steals from the Jockey, and when Karen and Jamie accuse the new member of staff, he takes revenge by setting the pub on fire after closing time.

Has Ian's desperation cost The Maguire's the pub? When Stan gets caught in the crossfire between Yvonne and her kids, a full-blown row puts their relationship on the rocks.

Things go from bad to worse when Yvonne, along with her children and Frank, find themselves held at gunpoint in the shop. Meanwhile, Carl decides to join the army, but a concerned Ian and Jamie recruit an ex-soldier to show Carl that it's not as adventurous as he thinks.

And, Monica fears something will go wrong during the birth of her seventh child. Mandy is persuaded into going on a blind date.

It seems like she's struck gold, until her first night of sex and drugs turns into a living nightmare, not just for her, but for Jamie, Ian and Karen, as the foursome find themselves covering up a murder, but Frank may have discovered the truth.

Meanwhile, Chesney is tired of Yvonne's strict nature and seeks solace at the Maguire's, where he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Paddy and Mimi, but they end up putting his life in danger.

And, Mickey organises a limo party. After Mandy gets arrested for suspected drug running, she forms the unlikeliest of friendships with Tom, who is attempting to track down his biological mother.

Meanwhile, Mimi is accused of being too aggressive, so she adopts a more caring nature, but her softer side begins redeeming the local junkies, and driving the Maguire's most frequent customers away.

And, Monica continues to keep Frank awake at night, and when he begins falling asleep at the pub, he decides to act against her. While enjoying another secret rendezvous, Debbie and Tom are forced to come to the aid of an assaulted woman.

Will Debbie ignore Frank's words and dump Tom, because she thinks it will make her family like her again, or will she listen to his words and stay with Tom but also try to get along with her family.

Meanwhile, Kelly returns to Chatsworth, revealing all about her and Paddy's deal, and when Shane attempts to stand up to his father, he ends up in hospital, ripping the Maguire family apart and forcing Mimi to take sides between her husband and her children.

And, Mandy and Ian's quest for love takes a shocking turn when they find themselves in bed together. When Manchester experiences an earth tremor, Monica's waters break and she goes into labour.

On the other side of Chatsworth, the same tremor knocks Frank off his bar stool and puts him in a coma, where he imagines himself as a big celebrity, with estranged son Ian as his agent.

Can Frank recover in time to see the birth of his ninth child and will his relationship with Ian survive?

Meanwhile, Carl uses Katie as bait to seduce a local girl. And, Kelly discovers she is pregnant with Shane's child. Ian is seriously assaulted and ends up in hospital.

When he finally awakes, he discovers that he has amnesia, Not only can he not remember his friends and family.

Meanwhile, Debbie turns 16 and the Gallaghers celebrate in the only way they know how, a party, but Debbie starts to wonder if Tom is the right man for her, forcing him to make a grand gesture.

And, Frank and Monica are faced with an impossible challenge with their newborn baby, Stella. With the launch night of the newly redecorated Jockey looming, Jamie and Karen's marriage is strained, Karen is further infuriated when Jamie leaves most of the work down to her.

Will a lesbian encounter and the discovery of a skeleton re-ignite things? Meanwhile, Mickey goes to college, where he befriends a teacher and her husband - two swingers.

And, Carl's latest conquest, Maxine Donnelly Joanna Higson , gets her feet well and truly under the table at the Gallaghers, and takes Debbie on a night out.

Voice-over: Mickey Maguire. Frank falls victim to identity fraud and is horrified to discover his criminal record has been deleted, making him eligible for jury service.

Once in court, he meets a like-minded juror who seems to have taken a shine to him Meanwhile, Mickey and Shane start up a touring company to scam tourists, but Carrie is onto them.

Carrie tracks Mickey to a warehouse, where the pair strike up an unlikely bond, Mandy moves out of the Gallagher home to live with Jamie and Karen at The Jockey.

Feeling unwanted by Frank, Monica decides to go and see a hypnotist who is performing at The Jockey in hope of re-igniting her and Frank's love life, but the result has the opposite effect when she ends up seducing the hypnotist.

Meanwhile, Mandy goes to the next step in her relationship with Joe Pritchard Ben Batt , with a little help from Karen, but a misunderstanding with Kelly leads to a painful experience for both Joe and Mandy, while Jamie tries to spice up his sex life.

And, Carl discovers he has an STD and faces the task of tracking down all of his lovers. Voice-over: Monica Gallagher. Karen and Jamie's marriage is put under strain when Karen suffers a miscarriage, Things get even worse by the interference of the Maguires and a decision from Mimi that rocks Jamie and Karen for good.

Meanwhile, Frank, Norma, Debbie and Monica accompany Liam on a trip to Blackpool when he wins a part in an advertisement for Child Abuse, and Frank accidentally lands himself a part in the advertisement.

And, Tom takes his prank war with Stan too far, threatening both of their careers. A DSS officer arrives at the Gallaghers, enquiring about benefits.

When the officer discovers the extent of the Gallaghers' benefit fraud, Frank decides to corrupt him by using alcohol and drugs, but Monica takes a much personal approach, which widens the rift between her and Frank.

Meanwhile, Carrie receives promotion and jumps at the chance to flee the estate, and when Tom's career completely falls apart, Stan is left heartbroken by the loss of his two friends, while Carl grows suspicious of Mickey's sexuality and sets a trap for him.

And, Paddy wakes up tied to a bed, not knowing how he got there. At first, he thinks it's a dirty trick set by his new lover, but the truth is set to change his life forever.

Ian returns to England, unaware that he is carrying a body in the boot of his car. Befriending the stowaway, he finds himself forced into caring for a deaf teenager, and he's in for a shock when he returns to Chatsworth.

Meanwhile, Monica tries to save her marriage but as always, Frank's attentions are elsewhere, causing Monica to make a life-changing decision that nearly tears the Gallagher family apart.

Following Monica's elope, the Gallaghers struggle to deal with the aftermath, but things could be improving for the better when Frank inherits a large house from his beloved Aunt Iris, Only if it was that simple.

Meanwhile, Paddy returns to Chatsworth determined to conceal his heroin addiction from his family, but Mimi begins to think that he has cancer.

And, Jamie and Karen's marriage hits rock bottom when they come to blows over the running of The Jockey. After a few harsh words from Frank and with the departure of Monica, Norma begins to question her life and place within the Gallagher family, she decides to leave Chatsworth and returns to her old lorry driving job, where she is reunited with an old flame.

Meanwhile, Shane comes out of his coma and is devastated when he discovers he has been paralysed. Kelly and Mimi continue to come to blows over his care, until Kelly delivers Mimi some home truths about the mess of her family.

Is this the end of the Maguire's marriage? And, things heat up between Karen and Joe when she discovers he has been hitting Mandy.

The Gallaghers receive a letter from Liam's school saying that he has been shortlisted on a scheme for a fast track education. With Monica gone, Norma and Frank are forced to play a married couple to ensure a bright future for Liam, and Frank finds himself strangely attracted to his former love-rival.

Meanwhile, Mimi vows to keep Paddy on the straight and narrow following the revelation of his addiction but the urge for heroin is too strong for Paddy to take.

Elsewhere, Lillian's estranged son arrives in Chatsworth. But Kelly smells a rat, while Karen is wracked with guilt about sleeping with Joe, but that doesn't stop her succumbing to temptation again.

When Jamie learns of Joe's abuse towards Mandy, he sees red and beats Joe up in front of the crowded Jockey. Realising this could finish off her son, Mimi takes the blame for his actions and is sent to prison awaiting trial.

Meanwhile, Frank wins The Jockey team's football match and saves Paddy from a heroin overdose. Elsewhere, the strain of running the Gallagher household has finally taken its toll on Debbie.

Ian is angry to discover Liam has been bunking off school with Danny. Suspecting there is more to this than meets the eye.

Elsewhere, Meena becomes a personal assistant to Lillian. The Gallagher family is thrown into crisis by a surprise visit from social services, which causes Debbie to lash out at Frank, who seeks solace in drink — and a Polish security guard.

Meanwhile, Chesney is seduced by a married woman and promptly falls in love with her, only to discover her real intentions are less straight forward than they seem, and the Maguires' are infuriated when Mandy reunites with Joe, while Jamie and Karen reunite.

Yvonne is confronted by a ghost from her past — Kash, and resorts to desperate measures to keep a shocking secret from her children.

Meanwhile, Frank tries to stay sober as the Gallaghers' set out to win back Liam and Stella, while Debbie resorts to her own drastic course of action.

Elsewhere, Mimi is released from prison, but her marriage to Paddy is beyond repair. After managing to upset everyone, Frank gets cast out for the night by Debbie and seeks shelter in a church confessional where, he overhears a neighbour's shocking story, Meanwhile, the marriage of Mimi and Paddy is beyond redemption, but the Maguires refuse to see divorce as an option, so they both hire the same hitman to kill one another.

And, Mickey and Liam are devastated when Ian announces that he is leaving Chatsworth. Haunted by dreams of his kidnapper, Paddy resolves to banish his demons and regain control by tracking down Maureen, the woman responsible for what he has become.

But Maureen's final act of revenge leaves the life of one of the Maguire siblings in grave danger. Meanwhile, Frank discovers his child benefit payments have stopped, and his quest to reclaim them lands him in a police cell.

Elsewhere, Maxine comes up with a way to show Carl where his true feelings should lie, and Karen is left in turmoil when she discovers that she is pregnant.

Voice-over: Paddy Maguire and Frank Gallagher. It's Frank's 50th, but he is no mood for celebrations, and instead opts to dwell in his own loveless existence until Libby Croker Pauline McLynn , a local librarian falls into his life.

His passion reignited, a whirlwind romance ensues - but will Libby's mother Patty Croker Valerie Lilley , bibliophile activists and riot police stand in the way of Frank and his new love?

Unable to cope with her disabled husband, Nin resorts to murderous measures. And, the Maguires eagerly await the arrival of Karen's baby, while Joe attempts to draw her into his web once more.

Voice-over: Liam Gallagher. As the Maguires prepare for baby Connor's christening, Paddy's attempt to get involved in the family celebration is derailed by his own financial troubles.

Feeling ever more isolated, Paddy joins forces with the wrong people, and a fatal mistake has dire consequences for both him and his boys.

Meanwhile, Karen is put under pressure by Mimi's takeover of the christening, and her affair with Joe spirals out of control.

Karen's obsession to prove herself to be more than just a mum has Jamie worried. After days of non-stop exercising, her body is in perfect shape but her mind is in danger of unravelling, leaving the Maguires to pick up the pieces.

Frank thinks he knows what's going on - Karen is inheriting the illness of her mother, Sheila. Meanwhile, Maxine's world is turned upside down when she discovers that she is pregnant, but Carl follows in his father's footsteps at the Jockey, forcing Maxine, with the help of Ian, to make a shocking decision that changes the couple's future.

Elsewhere, Yvonne is in debt to the Maguires, so she, Stan and Chesney concorde a plan to con Paddy and flee Chatsworth, while Joe schemes to take control of a Chatsworth business.

Voice-over: Jamie Maguire. Mimi gets a toyboy, Billy the Jockey football team's star striker, but her happiness is short-lived when she discovers her new beau is the not the man she thought he was.

So when Billy tries to blackmail Mimi into continuing their affair, she decides to teach him a Maguire life lesson he will never forget.

Meanwhile, Shane encourageS Paddy to get back into the dating game; only to have his proposal rejected. Shane rallies his brothers together on a night out for Paddy, but Paddy's 'Saturday Night Fever' dance routine causes his sons to abandon him.

Humiliated, Paddy returns home and makes a shocking proposal to Kelly. And, the boozing finally has an effect on Frank when he is temporarily blinded, leading to an encounter with a transsexual.

Voice-over: Mimi Maguire. Maxine is desperate to make a good impression at her parents' party so cajoles Ian into pretending to be her boyfriend.

But it is clear that there's a spark between them and to make matters worse, Carl begins to realise what he's lost by splitting up with Maxine so he is determined to win her back.

But Carl soon finds love and hate are two sides of the same coin when Mickey reveals a painful secret, leading to a violent showdown.

Meanwhile, Kelly takes control of the brothel while Lillian is away and is soon making a fortune from an untapped market, seeing her success, Paddy wants in on the action.

And, Jamie is struggling with the thought of living with Karen's illness but a chance meeting with a woman named Michelle may be just what he needs.

Things are going from bad to worse for the Gallaghers when the bailiffs come calling, sending Liam off on a money-making spree which leads to some illicit gambling with Joe and a shocking confrontation with Frank, leading Liam to take drastic action to make a point.

Meanwhile, The Maguires face a new conflict when Paddy announces that he's off with his new love interest D'Reen and that he's leaving them the family business but before he can, Mimi makes him guarantee the financial security for the family in the form of one last job.

Frank's love Libby returns and her time away has only increased the passionate flame that burns in her heart. Frank and Libby are reunited and all seems to be going well, but again, Libby's mother Patty threatens to drive a wedge between them.

Meanwhile, Jamie focuses all his energies into giving his Madam, Michelle, whatever she wants in order to pay off Karen's debts, but when Michelle falls in love with him and Paddy discovers what his son is up to, the situation spirals beyond Jamie's control.

And, Lillian invests in a new HD television to keep the punters happy, but soon realises she has purchased a conduit to the afterlife.

Voice-over: Libby Croker. Now that Libby and her mother are firmly nestled in the Gallagher house, Frank 'volunteers' to paint Patty's converted bedroom, but when Frank falls and injures himself while trying to steal paint, he and Patty both try to prove the other is feigning injury.

Meanwhile, Shane asks Kelly to marry him but his dream turns to a nightmare when she confesses to her night with Paddy, tearing Shane's world apart and leaving Paddy fearing he has lost another child.

And, Chesney holds a house party to get close to Sammy, but things soon begin spiralling out of control and a twisted turn of events ensure that Chesney and Carl's lives will never be the same again.

Voice-over: Kelly Maguire. Carl and Chesney's attempt to outrun their troubles make them realise the grass isn't always greener.

Stranded on a Welsh farm, they are offered sanctuary by a mysterious woman, Hazel. But things soon turn sour when news reaches them that they are now the prime suspects for Bonehead's murder, and the pair uncover a deadly secret that Hazel is so desperate to hide, while back in Chatsworth, Jimmy's reign of terror continues, and it's the Gallaghers who are caught in the crossfire.

Meanwhile, Mickey and Liam have been picked by the council to make a local community film in the hope it will inspire the residents of Chatsworth now that their estate has been identified as the most run-down in Britain.

With Kelly and Shane's help, Mickey decides to stretch poetic licence in pursuit of glory. The Gallaghers are all in grave danger when Jimmy discovers Carl and Chesney are back on the estate and vows to make them pay, while others choose to turn a blind eye, Shane refuses to stand by and do nothing, but when Jimmy and his gang go on the rampage across the estate, it seems even Paddy is powerless to stop them from taking over Chatsworth.

Meanwhile, Shane is heartbroken to discover he is firing blanks. Desperate to be a dad, Shane considers adopting Mandy's daughter, Katie, and he also strikes up a bond with Liam and Stella.

And, Libby's attempts to set up a book club backfire when she, with Frank's encouragement, becomes an unwitting modern-day Robin Hood. Following the departure of Debbie and the sudden arrival of Libby and Patty into his life, A lonely Liam befriends a World War Two veteran to help him with a school project.

Meanwhile, Maxine's brother comes to live with Ian and Mickey after a violent confrontation with his homophobic father, Maxine's dad follows his children to Chatsworth and befriends Frank.

And, Karen is put out when Joe appears to have moved on by taking control of his life and attending anger management classes.

When the boxing club is threatened with closure, Ian, Carl and Chesney set about trying to save Jock from the hands of Paddy Maguire, but Ian soon discovers there is more to the feud than money, and he faces both personal and financial trouble while trying to fix the situation.

Meanwhile, Libby is desperate to have a child before it's too late, but with Frank dragging his heels, she continues to try and be a good mother to Liam and Stella.

And, Mickey begins training to be a fireman, but Paddy's years of belittling him come to the surface.

Can Mickey pass his tests and finally stand up to his father? Kelly takes in her teenage sister Tonya, who needs help to get her baby out of care.

In a meeting with Tonya's social worker, it's agreed that custody will only be considered if Tonya proves she is responsible by looking after a simulation baby.

Meanwhile, Libby persuades Frank to accompany Patty on a pilgrimage to France in the hopes of a miracle.

The unlikely travelling companions end up sharing a room in a convent, where Frank becomes the improbable focus of attention.

Paddy and Mimi finally decide to get a divorce, but they get a nasty shock when it's revealed their marriage was never legal.

Mimi hatches a plan to secretly marry and divorce legitimately in order to save the souls of their children who were born out of wedlock.

Everything is in disarray, and Paddy is due to leave for a new business venture, but the mission to re-marry brings up memories of the past and unearths their true feelings.

Meanwhile, Patty sets Frank up on a benefit scam, landing him behind bars. But when Libby learns the truth, she rails against a righteous Patty in order to raise bail and free her love, while Frank shares a cell with a physcotic murderer.

And, Mickey is depressed about the changes in his family, but his mood changes when his begins dating Gary, an architect, only to discover their relationship is based on lies, and his own lies to his family look set to be uncovered.

When his father dies, Joe realises that life is too short, and the tragic news fuels his determination to start a new life with Karen.

Although Karen is uncertain, Joe manages to convinces her of their future together away from Chatsworth. Trying to come clean to Jamie, Karen's confession is derailed when he reveals his own grubby secrets.

Emotional deadlock forces Joe into a course of action with far-reaching consequences for all of them. Meanwhile, Bruce gets a chance to shine as manager for the Jockey football team, but when he arranges a gay five-a-side football tournament, Chesney's homophobic issues come to the surface, while Ian struggles to resist temptation with another man.

And, Maxine explores her artistic side as a life model, but she soon finds herself fending off the advances of her former teacher.

Joe sets plans into motion to get him and Karen away from Chatsworth and, enlists the help of the Maguire's arch-nemesis Roscoe.

With Paddy out of the picture, Roscoe sets about getting revenge for the Maguire's getting one over him and takes everyone hostage in the Jockey, leaving Mickey, Bruce and Frank as the resident's only hope.

Meanwhile, Maxine and Ian are mugged, and they viciously fight back, taking their attacker captive. At odds on what to do with their prisoner, the couple quickly realise their relationship is falling apart.

Libby and Frank are supposed to be getting married, but this is put on hold when Frank disappears on his stag night. In his absence, a face from the past reclaims her place at the Gallagher household - Monica is back.

But could she have had some involvement in Frank's disappearance? Eager to make friends with the locals, Avril throws Libby a hen party in order to raise her spirits, and the Powells are not the only new additions to Chatsworth — unluckily for Chesney.

Elsewhere, Karen has returned to Chatsworth, determined to save her marriage, while Mimi is on a mission to track down the father of her newborn baby, Cilla.

Monica lies and says that Debbie had died while she was in the army, but she hadn't Monica wanted an excuse to come back to her family.

Frank is still missing and imagines that he is in a parallel universe featuring Doctor Who characters.

His ex-wife Monica, having heard that Frank has gone, wants custody of Stella and Liam. Can Libby and Carl find Frank before the Gallagher family falls apart?

Meanwhile, Mimi is recovering in hospital following her collapse, and promotes Shane as the head of the family in her absence, instigating a deadly feud between Shane and Jamie for headship of the family business.

But when Shane finds himself in grave danger, Will Jamie save his brother or ensure that he is taught a lesson he will never forget? Elsewhere, A feud between Patty and the Powells gets out of control when it threatens to leave the Powells homeless.

When the local school fails its Ofsted report, Shane discovers a new venture for the Maguires - school security, and he develops a close bond with a young boy who is being bullied.

Meanwhile, Mickey fears his secret will finally be revealed when his gay pen pal is released from prison and comes to stay at the Maguires'.

And, Libby decides to move on with her life after watching grim footage of Frank at his stag night, while Avril's kindness towards Mimi leaves her convinced that Avril is a lesbian.

After returning to the Jockey, Karen attends the psychiatric hospital as an out-patient and finds that Frank has been there all along.

Can he break free and save his relationship with Libby? Meanwhile, Sita is devastated when she fails her exams, and discovers her tutor will pass her if she sleeps with him.

Determined to pass her exam, Sita turns to Carl for help. Elsewhere, Aidan Croker Robbie Conway , Patty's great nephew, arrives on Chatsworth following his mother's imprisonment, and he proves more than a match for various Chatsworth residents.

Voice-over: Karen Maguire. When Monica announces her divorce with Frank will be nullified unless he objects, Libby desperately tries to get Frank out of hospital so that they can marry and save the Gallagher family home.

In hospital, Frank stages a breakout and finally discovers what happened to him on his stag night.

Jetzt auf Amazon Prime anschauen. Die Premiere der dritten Staffel fand am Elliot Tittensor. Qasim Akhtar. Valerie Lilley. Das Familienleben ist reich an kriminellen und blaulichtreport rtl now Eskapaden und kennt mehr Here als Höhen. Joseph Furnace. Valerie Lilley. Januar bis Stacey Roca. Entdecken Sie Shameless: Series 1, (Standard Edition) [UK Import] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray Übersetzen Sie alle Bewertungen auf Deutsch. Jan 29, - Shameless UK deutsch,Shameless UK ganze zusehen,​Shameless UK komplett serien zusehen,Shameless UK ganze komplett folge. Shameless jetzt legal online anschauen. Die Serie ist aktuell bei Amazon, iTunes​, unter anderem in Deutsch, Englisch. Staffelliste. Shameless: Season 1.

Shameless Uk Deutsch - Shameless auf DVD und Blu-ray

Aysha Kala. Paul Abbott. Leider derzeit keine Streams vorhanden.

Shameless Uk Deutsch Video

Shameless Staffel 1 Trailer ( Deutsch )

Shameless Uk Deutsch Video

Shameless Staffel 1 Trailer ( Deutsch ) shameless uk deutsch

New subscribers only. Episodes Extras. Episode 1. The Chatsworth residents celebrate being awarded an Olympic ring from London The Maguires celebrate the expansion of their business with Mimi taking control of the schools PTA and Frank's new job as janitor at "St.

Mimi's School" is going well. Episode 2. Frank discovers a perk of his job as caretaker. Dom and Gloria continue their incestuous affair.

Episode 3. Lillian asks Kelly to retrieve her savings stashed in a railway station locker to keep it from the police.

Episode 4. Jamie finds that he and Kassi are more alike than he realized when his new brother's house is raided by the police. Kassi refuses to explain but does request Jamie a place in Chatsworth for his family to live.

Episode 5. Despite being the final series, Series 11 will see the introduction of some new characters as Jamie Maguire discovers he is not a full Maguire and introduces the Chatsworth to his Muslim half brother Kassi and his Jewish culinary obsessed wife Esther.

Episode 6. Aiden is once again in trouble with the law. Sentenced to community service, Aiden is forced to care for an OAP called Stanton but something sad happens.

Meanwhile Thalia, is becoming increasingly irriated by her mother's friendship with Frank. Episode 7.

Shane's music festival plans are coming along nicely but when Mimi and Jamie find out about his relationship with copper Randall, the event is thrown into jeopardy.

Episode 8. Frank is shocked when he boards a bus only to be reunited with his eldest son, Lip, and grandaughter Katie. However, it is not a pleasant reunion between father and son as it soon becomes clear that Lip is living in the area Episode 9.

After Series 5, the show was filmed at a purpose-built set on the Roundthorn Industrial Estate in South Manchester, on the site of an old Umbro warehouse, and around Wythenshawe and Sale.

Shameless initially focused on the layabout Frank Gallagher and the lives of his six children, Fiona and boyfriend Steve , Lip , Ian , Carl , Debbie and Liam , and next door neighbours, Kev and Veronica.

The Maguires became the focus of the show as the Gallagher children departed. Other characters also become the focus after only starting off as minor characters, such as those from the Karib family.

By October , the development had moved to Showtime. John Wells Productions filmed a pilot episode for the cable network in January It stars William H.

Macy in the Frank Gallagher role. Sunshine and was unable to be a part of both series. Academy Award nominee Joan Cusack joined the cast as the new Sheila Jackson, along with Emmy Rossum as Frank's sensible and feisty eldest daughter, and Justin Chatwin as a car thief who falls for her.

The first episode of the series aired on Showtime on 9 January The American version has received critical acclaim and some of Showtime's highest recorded ratings.

As of January , ten seasons have aired, making it the network's longest running original-scripted program. It is called Bizim Hikaye , which translates to "Our Story".

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The Hollywood Reporter. Archived from the original on 18 October Retrieved 15 October Archived from the original on 18 December Retrieved 26 January Episodes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Characters.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Wythenshawe , Manchester , UK. Gavin Struthers series 4—5 Andy McDonnell.

Shameless American version. Production website. Anne-Marie Duff. David Threlfall. James McAvoy. Jody Latham. Gerard Kearns.

Elliott Tittensor. Rebecca Ryan. Johnny Bennett. Maggie O'Neill. Rebecca Atkinson. Dean Lennox Kelly. Maxine Peake.

Chris Bisson. Kelli Hollis. Anthony Flanagan. Marjorie Yates. Jack Deam. Samantha Siddall. Annabelle Apsion. Dystin Johnson. Alice Barry.

Sean Gilder. Channel 4 introduced 'First Look' to their scheduling of Shameless from Series 2 onwards, enabling viewers to see all but the first episode a week early on their sister channel E4.

The preview screening immediately following the Channel 4 episode, allowing two consecutive episodes to be watched in quick succession.

Series 3 began with a New Year special 3 January , with seven further episodes 10 January — 21 February completing the run.

Series 4 comprised eight episodes 9 January — 27 February , but it was also announced that Series 5 would see the series expanded to sixteen episodes 1 January — 15 April Series 6 continued the lengthened sixteen-episode format 27 January — 12 May It again consisted of sixteen episodes.

Series 8 began on 10 January , and was the longest series run, with 22 episodes. Channel 4 broke Series 8 into two parts, with separate over arching storylines, with Episodes 1 to 13 being shown between 10 January and 8 March and Episodes 14 to 22 being shown between 30 August and October 25, Some scenes in Series 8 were filmed in Lancashire.

Series 9 began airing on 9 January It was meant to continue the format of 22 episodes split into two parts of 11 with a break in between.

However, in August it was announced that after the first 11 episodes aired and the break had finished Series 10 would begin instead.

The reasons for this change are unknown.

Nutzer haben sich diese Serie vorgemerkt. Die Ausstrahlung der restlichen neun Folgen fand vom This web page Elliot Tittensor. Murray Gold. shameless uk deutsch Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu read more Einverständnis. Die Besten Schwarzen Komödien. Parrish vor 5 Jahren. Kelli Hollis. Mona Brady. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Kira Martin. Annabelle Apsion. Kommentare click Shameless werden geladen Aysha Kala.

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