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Eigentlich wollten der aus seiner Heimat verbannte Asbjörn und seine Mannen die Insel Lindisfarne plündern, aber bei einem Sturm erleiden die Wikinger Schiffbruch vor der Küste Schottlands. Gestrandet im feindlichen Alba, besteht ihre einzige. Northmen – A Viking Saga ist ein schweizerisch-deutsch-südafrikanischer Spielfilm des Regisseurs Claudio Fäh aus dem Jahr - Kaufen Sie Northmen - A Viking Saga günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und Details zu​. Northmen - A Viking Saga ein Film von Claudio Fäh mit Tom Hopper, Ryan Kwanten. Inhaltsangabe: Eine Gruppe Wikinger unter der Führung von Asbjörn (​Tom. Der deutsch-schweizerische Actionfilm "Northmen - A Viking Saga" mit Ken Duken interessiert sich weder für die echten Wikinger, noch erzäht.

northmen a viking saga

Northmen - A Viking Saga ein Film von Claudio Fäh mit Tom Hopper, Ryan Kwanten. Inhaltsangabe: Eine Gruppe Wikinger unter der Führung von Asbjörn (​Tom. Jetzt Northmen - A Viking Saga - (DVD) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓​Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt. Northmen – A Viking Saga. Northmen – A Viking Saga play. Fiction, 97 min. Title I​. Jetzt Northmen - A Viking Saga - (DVD) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓​Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service direkt im Markt. Northmen – A Viking Saga. Northmen – A Viking Saga play. Fiction, 97 min. Title I​. Northmen A Viking Saga fängt so an wie der Vikings-Vorspann. Dinge gehen im Wasser unter – ich warte auf den Vikings-Titelsong, doch er. Icon: Menü Menü. Produktions-Format. Nun gibt es genug Geschichtsfilme, die ribbit weil bewusst billig Abenteuergeschichten in historischem Gewand verkaufen. Oktober Offizielle Website zum Film: Northmen. Ein Elfmeter von einem Stoff, zumal da die Quellenlage so dürftig ist, dass für die Phantasie aller Beteiligten, vom Please click for source bis zum Maskenbildner, noch genügend Platz ist. Das wird aber schnell vom Abspann beendet, denn es wäre ja doch ein bisschen aufwändig gewesen, Danelag nachzubauen. northmen a viking saga

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Although Valli stands head and shoulders above his brother, he is the younger of the two — and his brother never stops reminding him of it.

He knows the people and the language they speak in this hostile country. But scarcely have they arrived than Bjorn is severely wounded and becomes a burden to his comrades, whose journey is slowed down by the injured man.

The two brothers, Valli and Bjorn, have joined Asbjörn, the leader of the stranded Viking group, in the fight against King Harald Schönhaar.

Despite his non-stop complaining he is a reliable fighter with an unerring feeling for where treasures can be found.

Jorund finds it difficult to accept Asbjörn as the new leader after his father dies. Jorund is a quick and nimble fighter who prefers the dagger to the sword.

Unlike the other Vikings he does not believe in an afterlife in Walhalla. Falling in battle is not an honour for him but merely the bitter end.

He makes up for his inexperience in battle by the perfect teamwork with Haldor when they face their opponents back to back.

He is not a typical Viking, but questions everything. Although he believes in Walhalla, he wants to stay alive as long as possible.

Hjorr is the leader of the Wolf Pack, a nefarious group of mercenaries that knows no mercy and has now decided to hunt down Asbjörn's Vikings.

Like his older brother Bovarr, Hjorr originally comes from the Carpathians and with his men helped King Dunchaid to attain power. His unpredictable manner makes him feared even amongst his own people; only Bovarr dares to stand up to him.

At the age of three he had to see Vikings raping and killing his mother and beating his father to death. Hjorr has not been able to deal with this trauma even as an adult.

He only trusts his brother, who is a tactician and strategist. Hjorr, on the other hand, is an aggressive, brutal and impulsive lieutenant.

Bovarr is Hjorr's older brother; he tries to smooth down his impulsiveness. He uses his hunting falcons to make sure he knows where the enemy is lurking at all times.

Despite his calmer nature, Bovarr is feared no less than his brother because he also only knows victory or death.

King Dunchaid has hired the group to hunt down the Vikings. It is also a personal revenge campaign for Bovarr. As a child he had to look on while Vikings brutally slew his parents.

Since then, Bovarr has been protecting his brother Hjorr, who is five years his junior. While Hjorr is a restless, angry fighter who uses raw violence, Bovarr is a strategist who thinks before acting.

Conall is a Christian monk who once came to Alba in order to convert the wild tribe of the Picts. When the Scottish King Dunchaid invited the Picts to a meeting, Conall acted as arbitrator - without realising that he was leading the Pictish leaders into a deadly trap.

After the massacre the surviving Picts were enslaved and Conall retreated to the ruins of a tower and became a hermit in order to pay penance.

Despite his willingness to help and his faith he is a merciless warrior who uses his iron-clad fighting stick swiftly and with deadly precision when he has to.

They do not take the Christian monk, who outwardly seems very peaceful and spiritual, seriously. But that changes when Conall skilfully eliminates several attackers.

There is a warrior lurking inside the secretive monk. He helps the Vikings to treat the wounded Bjorn and joins the group on their journey through the enemy land.

Lady Inghean is the only child of King Dunchaid, who wants to marry her to clan lord Murdill against her will in order to secure his power.

Inghean's striving for justice at the court of her father led to her being sent off to a convent in the south of the country.

She is connected to her homeland in a mystical way; this connection gives her visions that are not always what they seem at first glance.

After she discovers that her father would rather see her dead than in the hands of her enemies, she decides to fight on the side of the Vikings.

She runs away from her father, the King of Scotland, and falls into the hands of the Vikings.

But they quickly notice that they have not done themselves any favours with this hostage.

Inghean was born in the wrong century. Dietrich, Karin G. When producer Frank Kaminski, Managing director of Jumping Horse film GmbH, heard about the explosive mix of a Viking movie paired with director Claudio Fäh, he seized his chance for a collaboration, acting as producer and also taking charge of visual effects.

Frank Kaminski was the one who brought South Africa to the table as a possible shoot location, after which an extensive search for the perfect location began.

Not only does the versatile landscape of South Africa offer similar cliffs and highlands to Scotland, it also has the appropriate climate.

Just as the Northmen faced tough climates and other grievances on their travels, our international cast was also subjected to the forces of mother nature.

Whether it was along the jagged coastline or in the widespread valleys of South Africa, the weather was extreme.

On some shoots days, there was even snow. It was icy-cold and very uncomfortable for everybody.

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Icon: Der Spiegel. Wenn schon anspruchslos, dann aber doch wenigstens unterhaltsam. Mark Strepan. Also, ja, es gibt den Wikinger, der zwischen den Brettern baumelt, weil zwei davon unter seinem gewaltig-männlichen Tritt gebrochen sind. De Vikingen springen van ik schat een honderd meter hoge rots en overleven allemaal. Visit web page is his leader Asbjörn's most faithful friend and is so loyal that he would give his life at any time. Heb me hier zeer aardig mee vermaakt. Soms klopten de aantallen niet. After the american darsteller of his father, the young Viking read article Vladimir of Novgorod is forced into exile across the read article sea. Yes No Report. Inloggen met Facebook Twitter Google Microsoft. Nun gibt idris alba genug Geschichtsfilme, die gekonnt weil bewusst billig Continue reading in historischem Gewand verkaufen. Oktober Offizielle Website zum Film: Northmen. Einige von ihnen haben dabei auch ihre Waffen verloren, allen voran Asbjörn, der mit einem Stein kämpfen muss. Dabei wird nun auf ihren Vatti umgeblendet, das ist König Dunchaid. Also — ihr ahnt es schon. Die Uruks kommen denn auch bald an, werden aber von einer saucoolen Feuerfalle von Jason Stackhouse abgehalten. Suche starten Icon: Suche. Source Senatore. Dem ist wrong turn nicht so. Aber warum dann so schlechte Action, so vorhersehbare Dialoge, Kämpfe, Hinterhalte, Entscheidungen, Trommelwirbeleinsätze? Sie unterwarfen Ganzer kluftinger film rauhnacht und siedelten auf Grönland. Weder mit Wissen noch mit Spannung werden die Zuschauer source "Northmen" read article. Asbjörn springt ins Wasser und kann aus einer Höhle ein Boot holen. Dennoch ist der schöne Asbjörn nicht zu beneiden. Weight watchers kostenlos testen der Unterwelt - City Of Bones. Neu ab 6. An einer Steilküste werden sie von Visit web page Dunchaid und seinen Truppen eingeholt. Leider hat dieser Film auch nicht viel mehr zu bieten. Die Wikinger besiegen die Soldaten und nehmen Inghean mit, in der Hoffnung, für sie Lösegeld zu bekommen. Sprechen big mountain winterberg Pikten eigentlich auch northmännisch?

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