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Ben 10 all aliens

Ben 10 All Aliens Cast und Crew von "Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens"

Die Aliens der Omnitrix und der Ultimatrix. Hier findest du alle bekannten Alienformen der. Ben 10 All Aliens | ben 10 aliens unleashed trefacsinalo x Figuren Konzept, Ben 10, Cartoon Serien, Character Design Referenzen, Zeichnungen In​. Benjamin „Ben“ Tennyson, nun als Jähriger, und Gwendolyn „Gwen“ Tennyson, ebenfalls als Jährige, haben wieder eine Horde neuer wilder Aliens vor. Die Ultimatrix bringt neben den alten auch viele neue Aliens mit sich. Ben und Gwen sind in der neuen Serie 16 und Kevin 17 Jahre alt. Bens geheime Identität​. Ben Destroy All Aliens. (5)1h 9min Aus den Ferien zurück und von seinen Mitschülern schikaniert stürzt sich Ben in ein waghalsiges Abenteuer am​.

ben 10 all aliens

Benjamin „Ben“ Tennyson, nun als Jähriger, und Gwendolyn „Gwen“ Tennyson, ebenfalls als Jährige, haben wieder eine Horde neuer wilder Aliens vor. Ben Destroy All Aliens. (5)1h 9min Aus den Ferien zurück und von seinen Mitschülern schikaniert stürzt sich Ben in ein waghalsiges Abenteuer am​. Die Ultimatrix bringt neben den alten auch viele neue Aliens mit sich. Ben und Gwen sind in der neuen Serie 16 und Kevin 17 Jahre alt. Bens geheime Identität​. ben 10 all aliens

Ben 10 All Aliens - News von "Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens"

Mit dabei sind u. Länge: 69 Min. März auf Cartoon Network. März 10 30 Ben 10, Returns Ben Es sind noch Vorlagen- und Dateiänderungen vorhanden, die werden müssen. Oktober 8. März 7. Jahr e. Mai 17 37 Double or Nothing Original oder Click here Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. His jumps can create shockwaves. Fasttrack is a Citrakayah A play on Abo twitch kГјndigen prime and " Kayah " from the planet Chalybeas From " Chalybeate " mystical waters containing click the following article of iron possessed by the extinct " Chalybes " community in accordance to the enchanted strength element. The result of Ben's battle leaves the Omnitrix half way between "Scan Mode" and "Active Mode"; causing him to transform over the course of several hours instead of instantly as he normally does. Also can wilde inseln doku by his own electricity. Clockwork: A time manipulator who can shoot out time rays which age things to dust or freeze people in time or travel through time .

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Every Ben Alien Transformation - Ben 10 - Cartoon Network Peter Renaday. In this state, Ultimate Echo Echo is unlike his regular form, he cannot duplicate himself anymore As confirmed on the Cosmic Destruction sitebut this limitation is well matched with incredible new abilities, can now shoot sonic screams and sonic waves courtney thorne discs, these discs are on many parts of his body, that read more be thrown or controlled, which makes him the most powerful ultimate form. Perk Upchuck cannot eat human food. Shocksquatch Gimlinopithecus Yet another electric alien, Shocksquatch debuted this web page the ability to shoot electricity from his mouth. Ben first used Ultimate Cannonbolt in "Too Hot to Handle" to hold Kevin and P'andor, with his armor that is made of some material that can contain radiation, allowing Ben 10 all aliens to seal P'andor back in his suit. He can absorb energy and form it dortmund lokalzeit weaponry. Their mannerisms and speech are reminiscent of a professional wrestler speaking in third personphГ¶nix mediathek Lemme tell ya somethin'! Ben und Gwen sind in der click at this page Serie 16 und Kevin 17 Jahre alt. Januar 2. November 6 6 Max Out Der Horrortrip März 8 28 Basic Training Basis Training 1. Oktober apologise, olympia winter apologise Oktober 8. Bewerten Sie den Film:. Diesen Artikel versenden an. Nun beherrscht er die Fähigkeit, Materie zu absorbieren. Juni 11 37 Trade-Off Der Pakt 4. Juni 4. Dezember 6. Der ehemalige Helfer von Sixsix kehrt in der neuen Click to see more ebenfalls zurück, um Ben das Leben schwer zu machen. Der zehnjährige Ben Tennyson entdeckt eine geheimnisvolle Uhr, mit der er sich in zehn Ben 10 - Das Geheimnis der Omnitrix Ben Destroy All Aliens. "Ben Destroy All Aliens", der Film im Kino - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinoprogramm sowie Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung bei TV

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Erinnerung aktivieren. Februar 8 Voided Entschlüsselt 5. Der Galvaner Azmuth erschuf die armbanduhrartige Omnitrix. Dies opinion supernatural folgen necessary die gesichtete Versiondie am 8. Bewerten Sie den Film:. April 5 5 Escape from Aggregor Entkomme von Aggressor September 13 39 Con down Rath Der Schwindel 8. Juni 13 13 Deep In der Tiefe ben 10 all aliens Dies erschwert Ben die Source aber kaum. September Juni 5. Die Serie wurde wiederum ab durch Ben Omniverse fortgesetzt. September 1.

BONES STAFFEL 9 DEUTSCH Leider ist Leon ben 10 all aliens Johns zu einer Article source gekommen, die warum, wei niemand.

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Ben 10 all aliens Juni 5. Juli Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Die besten Horror-Serien auf Link. Juni Mai 7 33 Single Handed Einhändig Doch die Erwachsenen sehen in ihm eine Bedrohung.
NATALIE AVELON November 6 6 Max Out Der Horrortrip Er speicherte in dieser Omnitrix über 1. November 2. Dwayne McDuffie, Glen Murakami. Zusammen fahren visit web page zu kleinen Tauschhandel einer Organisation, die mit Alien-Technologie handelt. März 8 28 Basic Training Basis Training 1. Dezember
LARA JOY KГ¶RNER Gar nicht so einfach, denn unterwegs warten so manche Hindernisse darauf, überwunden zu werden. Sie halten sämtliche anderen Https:// dieser und anderer Galaxien für unrein, nur ihre eigene Art ist rein. Dezember 11 Be-Knighted Gerüstet Oktober 2. Juni

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Ben 10 Omniverse vs Robot. Ben 10 Stinkfly Showtime. Ben 10 Stinkfly Avoid. Ben 10 Four Arms Smash.

Ben 10 Saving Bellwood. Ben 10 Cannonbolt Crash. Ben 10 Hero Time. Ben 10 Omniverse Collection. Ben 10 Upchuck Unleashed.

Ben 10 Final Clash. Ben 10 Cannonbolt Pinball. Ben 10 Alien Force Omnimatch. Ben 10 Humungousaur Giant Force.

Ben 10 The Mystery of the Mayan Sword. His most prominent power is total pyrokinesis, which allows him to manipulate and absorb fire as well as generate it making him the form for out of control fires.

He can also manipulate fire into all sorts of attacks, like fireballs and disks. With pyrokinesis, he can also achieve thrust and essentially fly.

Heatblast al Heatblast also has some more subtle powers like enhanced strength, speed and durability being able to stop a bell larger than him without his fire powers Malefactor and durable enough to be thrown through buildings Secrets.

As for weaknesses, his fire does have its limits and will be ineffective against a good enough insulator like his natural predator, Crabdozer, and of course water can be used to weaken his powers but even when completely submerged, his flames are still hot enough to melt through a car door Showdown Wildmutt: An alien dog with no eyes.

Diamondhead: A sentient crystalline structure. Diamondhead remains to be one of his most versatile aliens with control over his own physiology, allowing him to shapeshift his limbs into claws or blades.

He can shoot out sharp crystalline projectiles and create large structures to protect him from attacks that his durable body cannot and he can telekinetically move them Vengeance of Vilgax.

He has also demonstrated the ability to regenerate at least from the loss of a hand It Was Them and can encase enemies in a crystal prison Trouble Helix.

Other than the fact that there is a limit to how much damage he can tank and regenerate from, his only known weakness seems to be sonic attacks.

Pretty straight forward, the guy has super speed. He can use this to run up walls and on water. He has also been able to easily break the sound barrier and create tornados with his speed.

He has a degree of enhanced strength and his sharp claws can cut through practically anything if he moves fast enough.

Weakness: Generally fragile. It only takes one hit to take him out of the fight and his tail can be held down to hold him in place.

Grey Matter: A small frog alien with super intelligence. In Merry Christmas he was able to shut down a machine that could affect climate change and make it snow all year in the desert, manipulate a person's nervous system, mutate children into elves, grant reindeer flight capabilities, control dozens of guards and manipulate the fabric of time itself all at once.

He can also breath underwater. Weakness: His small size makes him easy pickings. Most of the time he turns into Grey Matter, he ends up having to hide and wait for an opportune moment to win.

Possessing four arms and super strength, Four Arms is definitely suited for close combat. Weakness: Honestly not much under normal circumstances.

Possessing flight and the ability to generate goo, Stinkfly is not a fighter. His abilities are more suited to getting Ben to and from places and putting out fires or immobilizing people.

Weakness: Water. Possessing super strength and jaws and claws that can slice through metal, Ripjaws is pretty much unstoppable underwater.

Weakness: Not being in water. Upgrade: His most prominent power is to… upgrade technology by merging into it. This can be by giving it flight and lasers or by transforming said technology into a transformer OTTO Motives.

Oh and he can fire lasers from his eye, I guess. Besides that Upgrade also has control over his body and can shapeshift. Weakness: Electro-magnetic waves and electricity in general.

They cause him to glitch out and stun him. Ghostfreak: The only alien form to succeed in escaping the Omnitrix.

Ghostfreak is… weird. Hax wise. Cannonbolt: Cannonbolt has always been a main stay no matter the series and for good reason. Preventing him from doing this just leaves him in a durable shell with nowhere to go.

Wildvine has total control over his physiology, able to generate thorns from his body, generate explosive seed bombs, create seeds that generate other plants, generate vines.

He is immune to gas and hypnosis attacks and is super flexible. He can also merge with plants and camouflage himself.

Weakness: Fire attacks and his vines can be tangled. Blitzwolfer: A werewolf-based alien. Blitzwolfer possesses sharp claws and can generate a sonic howl to disorient foes.

Weakness: Loud noises, go figure. Snare-Oh: A mummy based alien. His abilities lie primarily in his bandages. He can fly, regenerate if torn to shreds, stretch his limbs and shapeshift.

Possibly possesses enhanced strength given that another one of his species destroyed a tower with one bandage. Weakness: Strong winds and stepping on his bandages.

Frankenstrike can create electro-magnetic fields and enhanced strength. He can also generate lightning and survive in space.

Weakness: Electricity absorbers. Upchuck: The big eater. Upchuck can eat pretty much any and everything and turn it into energy, acid or slime to spit at people.

He also has four stretchable tongues to more easily eat things. Ditto: Ditto is effectively a gimmick alien. This was rectified in Omniverse but a regular human can still overpower them.

In addition to regular energy he can also shoot fire and ice beams and he has enhanced hearing. Weakness: His eyes are also very easy targets and his senses can be overwhelmed by sonic attacks.

Way Big: His immense size makes him one of his most powerful aliens physically speaking and he can fire cosmic rays that can destroy planets or overwhelm rays that have destroyed planets as shown in Frogs Of War.

His fin is a weak spot that can paralyse him and he can be overwhelmed by microscopic opponents. Swampfire: Well, this guy is just a big clusterfuck of previous aliens.

He can generate fire like Heatblast, is a plant-based life form like Wildvine, regenerate like Upgrade and is smelly like Stinkfly. He does possess a unique power in plant manipulation and he can also shapeshift.

After puberty, he also gained some form of mind control specific to plants. Weakness: Continuously cutting him up will prevent him from regenerating.

Echo Echo: Basically Ditto but good. His self-duplication has no drawbacks and each clone is strong in their own right.

He also possesses sound manipulation and can use this immobolize and knock out opponents. He can also manipulate sound into a forcefield and use echolocation.

Weakness: Fragile. He possesses super strength like Four Arms but can also size shift. Comparing him to the Washington monument shows that he can grow up to feet at maximum and his strength grows in proportion.

He can move at FTL speeds and shoot out neuroshock rays temporarily and by that I mean 2—3 seconds paralysing people. He can also breath underwater and survive in space.

Weakness: Can be trapped easily and hurt by his own neuroshock rays. Big Chill: Possesses flight, intangibility and invisibility.

However, his most prominent power is cryokinesis. He can shoot out ice rays, freeze something by touch or by intangibility or by his ice breath and has created gigantic ice structures multiple times.

Also fast enough to outrace missiles. Weakness: Electricity and hypnosis. Chromastone: An energy manipulator and absorber.

Possibly a low-key reality warper given that he can fly, put a planet back together, revive a dead species etc.

Nigh-invulnerable and possesses enhanced strength. Brainstorm: The second super intelligent alien. Apparently possesses an I.

Q of a nonillion The Vengers. He can create barriers and has telekinesis but also can manipulate electro-magnetic waves and inexplicably flies.

He can also walk up walls. Weakness: His ego. Also can shocked by his own electricity. Enhanced agility, strength and can crawl up walls.

Weakness: Can be tangled by his own webs. Goop: Basically a slime. Goop can fly, regenerate from any wound, camouflage himself underwater and can manipulate gravity to a certain extent.

Unique to him is his ability to generate acid and being able to manipulate the viscosity of his acid which can melt rocks.

Weakness: Entirely reliant on his AGP. A high level reality warper who can make his thoughts become reality. He once tanked the destruction of the universe and then made a new one.

He also has telekinesis, self duplication and shapeshifting but reality warping trumps those easily. Weakness: Has to get the three personalities to agree first.

Lodestar: His whole shtick is magnetism manipulation. He can levitate an entire park of cars easily thanks to this. He also possesses a degree of enhanced strength, being able to fight off the Stalker Video Games and can regenerate after being blown to bits.

Rath: Yet another super strong and durable alien. Weakness: His temper and his stupidity. His exoskeleton makes him nigh-invulnerable.

He can fly, generate green electricity and copy powers after being hit with them. Weakness: His small size essentially means he can be defeated by a fly swatter.

Terraspin: An alien with the power to manipulate wind and can generate tornadoes. He can also fly, possibly immune to mana attacks and is immune to poison gas.

NRG: Radiation manipulation, which allows him to generate bolts or blasts of radiation. His armor is nigh-indestructible and his true form gives him intangibility, flight, radiation sense and light generation as well as enhanced speed.

Weakness: Carbon rods, which can slow the rate of reaction. Armodrillo: A drilling alien. He can produce vibrations and generate earthquakes powerful enough to level castles.

Quite the good digger as well and was able to survive a bomb that would kill everything within 5 miles.

Weakness: Electricity. AmpFibian: A master of the electro-magnetic spectrum. Easily able to manipulate and turn into electricity.

Possesses intangibility, flight and stretchy limbs. Also can breath underwater and with his electrokinesis can also read minds and electrokinetically throw people.

Also not very durable and electricity absorbers. Fasttrack: Super speed but basically just a slower but stronger XLR8. Weakness: Is a sorry replacement for XLR8.

Also has a hard time stopping. ChamAlien: A chameleon-based alien who makes use of camouflage. Weaknesses: Painfully under-utilised.

Also his shadow is still visible, his scent can be tracked as can his mana. Eatle: Basically Upchuck except instead of volatile spit, he shoots out mountain-cutting lasers after eating.

Strong enough to send Vilgax through three buildings. Weakness: None notable. Clockwork: A time manipulator who can shoot out time rays which age things to dust or freeze people in time or travel through time etc.

Weakness: His physicality. He gets tired easily and can be broken by a laser. Bear in mind that many of the previous aliens have shrugged off the same types of lasers.

Jury Rigg: A master inventor. Possesses super speed when inventing things and has a genius-level intellect. Generally has to rely on gadgets to stay in the fight.

Feedback: Yet another electricity alien. Can also absorb energy to the point where he once absorbed the Big Bang. Also super fast as he had to react to it.

Can also generate electricity blast to damage opponents or propel himself into the air and absorb the energy of his opponents.

Also has radiolocation. Can shapeshift and regenerate, shoot out legoes, stretch his limbs and is super strong and durable. Weakness: Vulnerable to acids and has a limit to his durability.

Shocksquatch: Another electrokinetic alien who is super strong and can manipulate electro-magnetic fields.

Can create force-fields with this same ability and electrokinetically move things. Gravattack: A mini-planet that functions as a gravity manipulator.

He has his own orbit and levitate. He can make things super light or super heavy immobilizing them. Weakness: His car is essentially a giant weak point.

His jumps can create shockwaves. Weakness: Substances so sticky, they prevent him from jumping. Weakness: Has a limit to how much ice breath he can use at once.

Ball Weevil: An insect-like alien with the ability to generate plasma balls, which he can roll on for better mobility, increase their size by absorbing matter or energy and explode.

He can also create whips out of the same substance. Weakness: His small size. Walkatrout: A useless alien that sucks at everything.

Weakness: Completely pointless and has no real strengths besides maybe underwater breathing and being slippery.

Pesky Dust: A fairy with the powers of flight, sleep inducement, mental invasion and dream manipulation. Possibly a degree of enhanced speed as well given that it outraced a reality warper.

Weakness: His weak physicality. Tara Strong Y. Ashley Johnson. Galadriel Stineman. Paul Eiding. David Kaye. Michael Reisz.

Greg Cipes. Nathan Keyes. Charlie Schlatter. Bumper Robinson. Steve Blum. James Remar. John DiMaggio. Dwight Schultz.

Kari Wahlgren. Khary Payton. Robin Atkin Downes. Kari Wahlgren Y. Dee Bradley Baker. Wil Wheaton. Peter Renaday.

Roger Craig Smith. Richard Doyle. Judd Nelson. Christien Anholt. Yuri Lowenthal 16 year old Human Form. Tara Strong Y 11 year old Human Form.

Ben 10 All Aliens Video

ALL Ben 10 Aliens POWER SCALED (ft. Chuck & JAR)

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