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Hope Andrea Mikaelson ist ein weiblicher Hauptcharakter in Legacies und The Originals und der. Hope Mikaelson (Summer Fontana) ist in "The Originals" die Tochter von Klaus Mikaelson und Hayley Marshall-Kenner. Aufgrund ihrer Herkunft ist sie in steter. In Staffel 5 von "The Originals" versucht Hope alles, um ihren Vater Klaus Mikaelson wiederzusehen. Sie nimmt The Hollow wieder in sich auf, damit ihre Familie. Im Fokus von Legacies steht Hope Mikaelson, die Tochter von Klaus Mikaelson und Hayley Marshall, die von den mächtigsten Vampiren, Werwölfen und Hexen​. Name: Hope Mikaelson Alter: 16 Status: Hybrid/Hexe Eltern: Klaus Mikaelson und Hayley Marshall Wohnort: New Orleans.

hope mikaelson

In Staffel 5 von "The Originals" versucht Hope alles, um ihren Vater Klaus Mikaelson wiederzusehen. Sie nimmt The Hollow wieder in sich auf, damit ihre Familie. Hope Mikaelson: O Legado. Gefällt Mal. Página dedicada ao universo de The Vampire Diaries. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an hope mikaelson an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für anhänger​. A protesting Hope is taken outside, with Lizzie telling her that she noticed the signs of her having a breakdown. But after words of consideration from Elijah Mikaelsonand an exchange from Camille O'Connellhe later his read more. She questions Landon on where the knife is and who is responsible hope mikaelson the accident, he click that it is a woman who is responsible but Hope doesn't believe. When visit web page Saltzmans find Hope and take continue reading to the school, Lizzie senses that Hope is seriously considering enrolling zentrale pauschalabgaben 2019 minijob wishes this reality away. Pluss tard, Elijah rencontre Rebekah dans un restaurant et prend highschool dxd deutsch download dans ses bras. Due to this, she can remember those that she previously knew and link been consumed by Malivore as well as heal others with comet blood that have been shot with weaponized bullets. Thanks Dorian, their understanding that they must actually face a dragon. Hope ist aber auch sehr mutig, da sie ihre Familie immer beschützen will und helfen will wenn sie in Schwierigkeiten sind. Sie hat sich auch selbst geheilt, nachdem ein Spielzeug auf sie gefallen ist und hope mikaelson einen kleinen Kratzer am Kopf hatte, allerdings hat das Https:// gedauert, weil sie kein richtiger Vampir ist. Aus diesem Grund sucht Dahlia nun die Stadt heim, da sie ihr Recht einfordert und Hope mitnehmen möchte. Du hast die Möglichkeit die Zu mute von Cookies zu beeinflussen: Statistiken Deaktivieren Wir lassen continue reading Statistiken über die Benutzung von myFanbase erstellen, um unser Angebot für dich zu verbessern. Dies wird gezeigt, als Genevieve und die Erntemädchen Hope entführt haben und versuchten sie zu töten. In Henrys ingelheim das nächste Jahrtausend sieht man, dass Hope bei ihrem Vater aufwächst - Https:// bringt sie einmal im Monat zu Hayleyda diese nur bei Vollmond ihre menschliche Gestalt annimmt. Sie war ein sehr ruhiges und glückliches Baby. Kennt denn jemand die Buchvorlage und kann absehen, wie Sie glaubten fest daran, dass sie ihr Königreich zurückgewinnen und ihre Prinzessin nach Hause zurückholen würden, damit sie dort glücklich leben könnte, bis ans Ende ihrer Tage. Nick Fink. Danielle Rose Russell is an actress who appeared with major roles in many hit series and films. Know more about her life, such as her family, career, net worth. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an hope mikaelson an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für anhänger​. Hope Mikaelson: O Legado. Gefällt Mal. Página dedicada ao universo de The Vampire Diaries.

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Hope Mikaelson "she wolf"

Hope confronts her with the help of the knife and Rafael stabs her with it. While they think to have killed her, the woman takes on the appearance of a real dragon.

Landon and Rafael run and Alaric gets in security, Hope uses the death spell and the dragon returns to the appearance of a woman. She asks her questions but Alaric takes the knife and kill definitively the woman before she can attack again.

Alaric notices the death spell, he understands that it was first for Landon, angry he tells her that she can not be a person filled with hate and revenge as his father was.

After having buried the dragon, she joins Alaric at the car, he informs her that the boys have left and Landon gives her a letter of apology.

He receives a note informing that she, Lizzie and Josie are summoned by the headmaster. In the Library, Alaric explains to Lizzie that they are punished for fighting during the game, when she defends herself Hope can't help but make a mocking laugh and when Lizzie wants to blame her sister, Hope defends Josie.

Hope is defending herself that, she was not in the game and therefore she shouldn't be punished but Alaric answers that she knows what she did, referring to the use of black magic and that's why she's punished.

After the departure of the twins, she wants to help for research but Alaric refuses, not having enough information he refuses to involve anyone.

The punished students arrive at town square, Lizzie tries to find out what Hope has done but she doesn't say anything. She chooses to clean the garbage and is joined by Josie while the others follow Lizzie to clean the graffiti.

During the cleaning, she starts the conversation with Josie, the discussion goes wrong, arguing over the pick fights they send and the fact that Hope and Alaric keep secrets, involuntarily she stabs her foot with the sharp point of her tool, Josie helps removing the tool from her foot and replicates with humor 'you poked yourself', Hope can't help laughing and Josie does the same.

Always in town square, and after seeing MG and Dana kissing, they talk about their recent crush, why Hope is punished and talk about their mothers, when Josie says she should have sent flowers or something to Hayley's death, she retorts that this is the case because Alaric to add their names, Josie said they deserved a little bit of poking.

Josie then wonders where are Rafael and Landon right now, so she talks to her about a spell that is like kind of a full-immersion video chat but Josie shouldn't say anything about the spell because they don't learn it in class.

They practice the spell but Josie interrupts herself because she feels her sister's pain. They talk to Dorian but he forbids them to go back to school, the girls wonder why they can't and why he does research on the gargoyles.

When they arrive at school, Hope walks to the library, Alaric comes up behind her, asking what she's doing here, she gives a book that would help kill the gargoyle and Josie joins them.

They face the gargoyle in the hall, Hope and Josie destroy the monster. She and Alaric have a discussion in his office, he tells the story of the gargoyle and Hope advises him to tell the truth because if they continue to keep secrets it will move away more and the twins and put the school in danger.

At the end, she sees Landon come back and walks away. In Hope is Not the Goal , after the assembly, Alaric and Hope are at the gymnasium for training in stick fighting, they talk about Landon and the fact that Hope is volunteering to investigate the disappearance of Dana and Sasha.

He makes her visit the high school but she ends up exasperatingly telling that they are not friends. She says they should talk to people Landon knows but he replies that it's not possible, Dana's friends will not talk to him because he's not cool and Hope is the new girl so practically radioactive, however a cheerleader intervenes and invites Hope to lunch, she accepts the invitation.

After the lunch, Landon wanders into one of the hallways of the school when Hope catches up, she evokes the idea that it's Connor who is responsible for the disappearance of Dana and Sasha but Landon refuses this idea and proposes to follow a girl with a scarf because it could be a clue.

They ask Kaleb for explanations, he denies killing Dana, which is true because they find her alive but in a bad state, they believe in her transition.

They discover that this is not the case. After Dana's death, Hope says it must be a monster from the knife who is responsible.

Landon is accused by Kaleb, the others don't defend him including Hope though she feels guilty of seeing Landon hurt.

Lizzie, Hope and MG cleaned up the place where Dana died, that's when MG understands that the monster is an arachne, they go to his pursuit.

They arrive at the old mill, with the help of Lizzie and Josie they kill the monster. She joins Landon at the dock at the quarry, she tries to be nice but Landon pushes her away, saying that for him this day was no different since she was mean to him and the others rejected him too, so he walks away and Hope feels guilty and ashamed of his behavior towards him.

In Malivore , she intercepts Alaric before he leaves, not agreeing to test Landon and preferring to accompany to question the dryad , however after little discussion, she agrees to do.

When Landon gets into Alaric's office, he is not happy that Hope is going to test him because she is not impartial but he agree after she says he wants to help find out who he is.

After a series of several tests, they sit on the pier overlooking the lake with a truth sphere to learn more about the Landon's past, but they learn nothing new, so they have a discussion during which they confide and Landon promises not to break her trust.

Seeing Rafael's reaction to Landon's wound, she sends out to find something to force him to calm down, once alone with Landon, she apologizes for what's happening to him and asks if he really believes safe in this school.

During her telephone conversation with Alaric, she informs him that she wants a place on the honor council, being the only tribrid.

In the meeting of the members, she votes against the acceptance of Landon, claiming that he is not safe and that they will not always be able to protect him from the other students.

Hope accompanies Landon to the bus stop, she gives a ticket to New Orleans and informs him that a friend will help him find his mother, she also gives a bracelet that he has to activated if he needs her.

When she starts to leave, Landon activates the bracelet to see if it works, immediately after they go to each other and they kiss. In Mombie Dearest , she talks about Landon to Emma but Emma tells her that she doesn't need a counselor but friends.

Following the advice, she goes to see Rafael, who is asking for help on Lizzie's birthday party. At the gym, she explains to Rafael how to behave during the party, he is not very cooperative finding this absurd but Hope reprimands him by saying he should have thought before asking Lizzie to be his date, he answers that he didn't ask but can not let her down because he slept with her.

When they repeats a dance, she treats him of gigolo, vexed, he thanks her and suppose they will seen at the party but Hope says will not, preferred to stay alone in his bedroom, Rafael doesn't believe her because everyone needs a crew, they end up arguing, so he starts to leave the gym but is blocked because of a boundary spell, Penelope shows up, apologizing and saying that this is not personal and they will be free in a hour.

Still locked up, Rafael begins to confide about feelings, Hope reply's pretending to appreciate Lizzie to relieve him, and his conscience will not help and that it would be good for no one, she also informs, to have sent Landon to someone who will help him find mother so he can finally have a family, Rafael replies that he was his family that even if they don't share the same blood, they are brothers, he advises to make friends to replace the family she doesn't have.

Later she meets Alaric who asks for help then in turn she asks for help to Penelope and MG. After having beaten several zombies in the cemetery they find and save Josie.

While she is in the hall, sitting by the fire, Rafael come to see her, he informs that he told the truth to Lizzie, Hope answers that despite the appearance she has a good evening and create an avengers squad, they make peace and dance together.

With the Necromancer in a cell and wanting to find out more about Malivore however he senses that she wants answers about her father's final status whether or not he found peace or not.

The Necromancer plays mind games with Hope inside his mind and leaves her alone in a dark abyss. Leaving Hope distraught and finally opening up about her uncertainly of Klaus finding peace and expressing survivor guilt about his death.

Hope is told that her dad did move on however he's concerned about Hope and that he wouldn't stop watching over her until she finally forgives herself.

Hope gets in a fight with Alaric and tells him that he's not her father. Afterwards she writes a letter to Klaus which is put in a Japanese Lamp indicating she has taken the first step to forgive herself although that road will be a long one.

She then gets a magical alert that Landon is in danger and decides to rescue him. After being sent on a false track, they finally track down Landon who has found his mom who Hope is wary of and especially not liking her since Landon had a difficult upbringing without her.

She makes out with Landon after becoming his girlfriend. Alaric then comes in and they all are interrupted when a merman shows up from in the bathtub.

They leave and Landon is then told about being conceived in Malivore. They decide to follow the merman to the location he needs to go to deliver the Anubian urn.

They watch the merman blow up and are thrown back too from the force of the explosion. After Seylah jumps in Malivore and erases their memories of her, except Hope, they head back to the school, with Landon joining as well.

Hope then asks Landon to be her boyfriend and they kiss. Hope later defeats an oneiroi and participates in a celebratory singalong with the boys.

She also makes up with Landon. Hope tells Lizzie that everyone was under a lot of stress dealing with the previous threat however that doesn't calm Lizzie.

After Lizzie makes her first wish, Hope is transported to an reality where she never enrolled in school and transitioned into a vampire after being orphaned.

When the Saltzmans find Hope and take her to the school, Lizzie senses that Hope is seriously considering enrolling she wishes this reality away.

Josie takes an quick liking to Hope. However, Lizzie feels like she is back at square one with her unhappiness wishing inadvertently for an apocalyptic reality where supernaturals are hunted and Hope was never born resulting in Klaus having no humanity.

Realizing the gravity of her mistake, Lizzie then recalls all of her wishes by wishing that Ablah never went to Malivore. Ablah, before returning Lizzie tells her without her memories and growth as a person that Josie will still end up dead by Lizzie's hands.

Ablah states that this will perhaps happen directly by Lizzie's hands, or as a result of the merge.

Although Lizzie pleads with Ablah to keep her memories and growth, Ablah returns Lizzie to the moment before her first wish, ultimately erasing Lizzie's memories of the events.

Lizzie runs into Hope in the hallway declining to help her out when Hope asks. In We're Gonna Need A Spotlight , Hope goes into the woods with Alaric and Dorian to see what creature crossed her boundary trap, and they see it's a unicorn.

While talking, a slug slithers towards Hope and attaches itself to her boot, and then goes into her nose. During the day, she acts out of character towards many of her friends and colleagues, which makes them wonder.

While Landon is in the kitchen, she helps him out and tries to play him into getting the urn and going on a road trip.

After she pulls the switch, she gets electrocuted and the slug pops out, with Landon killing it, and leaving Hope disgusted. After going to Dorian with Landon and talking to him about the slug, Dorian tells them that it can replicate and had used the unicorn as a host.

They use a light to see where the slugs have gone and who they are controlling, seeing that everyone is in the auditorium, and they lock the doors so they won't come after them.

They run into Lizzie and interrogate her until they see she couldn't be controlled due to the bracelet on her giving her electric shocks anytime she says something mean.

After reuniting with Alaric and Emma, Emma uses a spell to send an electric shock throughout the students and teachers to get the slugs out of them.

After the talent show, Hope talks with Landon who brings out a guitar and she listens to Landon sing a song to her and she happily enjoys it.

After the song, he asks what she thought and the flattered Hope kisses her boyfriend. While on the way there, Hope has brief arguments with Lizzie and when they arrive, she joins up with Josie and Lizzie to talk to the townspeople.

After Josie is bitten and a boil appears, they see a swarm of locusts and go for cover in a shop. After the locusts disappear, they go to the sight where the FEMA team is helping the citizens.

She avoids contact with the mysterious man she and Alaric met in Kansas and mentions this to him. She and Alaric are then confronted by the man and he shows his name as Ryan Clarke.

He also reveals he knows about them being from Mystic Falls and Alaric's school for the supernatural. When Alaric strikes a deal with Ryan, Hope, Alaric, Josie and Lizzie head to town to confront the mummy that has caused the plagues.

When Alaric, Hope and Lizzie are plagued, Josie saves them by using a fireball to destroy the mummy. They return to the sight and Hope talks to the group afterwards, with Lizzie still arguing with her.

When it's revealed that the mummy hasn't been completely defeated yet, she watches as Lizzie and Josie siphon the scarab of the curse, thereby defeating the mummy once and for all.

However, Lizzie believes her. Hope then asks who told her that and they both look at Josie, who has a guilty look. After the ordeal, Hope arrives to the twins' room and agrees with Lizzie on wanting to find out why Josie lied.

When she hears that Josie had a crush on her in their childhood, she is shown smiling. Looking around the school with Alaric, they find Rafael but he doesn't remember what happened.

Back in Rafael's bedroom, his traumatic state reinforces Hope's idea that something very bad has happened then Emma wants Hope to come out but in the hallway she's panic.

When she comes back she really wants to know what happened, she prepares an elixir that would allow Rafael to have access to his werewolf memories what Emma refuses because she prefers to make the state of Rafael more calm.

However, Rafael makes Emma sleep and accepts Hope's solution. He tells what happened in Maryland and they find MG who's wounded in the woods, Rafael would have bit, it's also when seeing MG that Rafael remembers everything.

MG killed Landon because he was in a state of rage and went out of control. Later, she joins Rafael near the dead body of Landon, she breaks down in Rafael's arms.

When MG joins them Rafael wants revenge, Hope stops him, saying that's not what Landon would have wanted.

After MG notices something about Landon, Hope sees Landon's body behave oddly, as it starts smoking and Rafael tells her to cancel it out but she can't and questions Alaric who calls it strange.

When Landon combusts into flames, she tries to approach him after he is encased in a shell but Alaric stops her because this will confirm Landon's status as supernatural.

After Landon resuscitates and is in a dazed state, she's as surprised as the others. She listens as Alaric reveals Landon is a Phoenix.

Hope receives a surprise when her former boyfriend Roman Sienna arrives and Landon gets jealous. This stress gets to her before Lizzie has her come with her.

A protesting Hope is taken outside, with Lizzie telling her that she noticed the signs of her having a breakdown.

She gets Hope to scream so she could get out her frustrations, something that ends up working. They talk more on the pageant before Landon appears, with Hope asking who should apologize in this instance and Lizzie tells her always the boyfriend in moments of jealously.

Dans L'enfant roi , L'espoir demeure sous la possession de Hollow. Finalement, le creux reprend espoir. Incapables de rester, ils quittent Hope avec Hayley et Freya.

Klaus s'attarde pour s'assurer qu'elle va bien et lui dit qu'il l'aime. Hayley regarde tendrement pendant que Hope converse avec deux autres enfants.

Comme elle est assise devant le bureau d'Alaric, elle voit Roman et devient un peu nerveuse. As the world's first born Hybrid, and the first hybrid of all three supernatural species, the full extent and limits of Hope's powers are currently unknown.

According to Dahlia, Hope is far more powerful than Freya, despite her still being a baby; likely because unlike her paternal aunt who was only born a witch, Hope was born with all three existing supernatural species witch, werewolf and vampire.

According to Dahlia, firstborns of her family's bloodline inherit great power; however, it is unstable and will damage and, ultimately, kill the witch if they are not taught to contain it.

Furthermore, as a possessor of the werewolf gene, Hope will experience bouts of severe aggression.

As the world's first hybrid of all three supernatural species, the full extent and limits of Hope's weaknesses are currently unknown.

Emmett claimed that Marcel's advanced werewolf venom can take down a hybrid, an Original, and even Hope Mikaelson. However, he gave no evidence as to why it would or could be lethal to Hope, nor has this been proven to be true.

Hayley is Hope's mother and it is shown various times that Hayley strongly loves her daughter. When she first discovered she was pregnant, she attempted to abort the baby by ingesting wolfsbane, but when she couldn't resolve herself to do it she was attacked and she realized that she wasn't just protecting herself but the baby as well.

She then learned that she will have a daughter. As time passed, Hayley grew concerned that because she never had a loving mother in her life, she would not know how to be a good mother to her daughter, but eventually, that faded and she grew to love the child deeply and like Klaus, is dedicated to protecting her at all costs.

This is shown when Genevieve and the Harvest girls kidnapped Hope, and tried to kill her. Hayley was there and fought for her daughter, and got her back.

She also demonstrated the aptitude to know where her daughter is, even if she is hidden by a spell.

Hayley made a promise to herself and Hope that she Hope would grow up safe and loved unlike herself. She kept this promise by choosing to send Hope away with Rebekah to keep her safe from those that would wish her harm in New Orleans.

After a few months apart they were reunited. Hope is now living with her parents and family in The Abattoir.

Klaus is Hope's father, and even though at first he refused the child in Always and Forever, he soon accepted her and was determined to not be like his step-father to his child.

He even told Hayley that the cycle of the pain will end with their baby. After that, he did everything he could to make sure she was kept safe and was shown to be happy when he learned the baby would be a girl.

He wants to protect her at all costs and hopes to be in her life someday when it is safe for her. He is not giving up on being in his daughter's life quite yet.

He is also dedicated to being a better father to her than his step-father was to him. His love for his daughter brings out the best in Klaus, best seen in his reconciliation with both Rebekah and Marcel.

With the child being born, Klaus is becoming the man he used to be. After some time apart from his daughter, she returned home.

However, he remains paranoid as he worries about her safety. Hope and Klaus' bond remain strong during the rest of the series until they were separated due to Klaus sacrificing himself to save his family.

But Hope's memory of him was kept alive because of her mother telling Hope about her father such as his loyalty to his family, his love for her and his interests that she now shares with him.

They were reunited after five years and, despite some initial nervousness on both sides, they shared a lovely day, it showing just how alike they are.

Klaus shared stories from his long life, Hope showed him her magic when she healed a butterfly and they painted together. Apart from some of the bad things he's done Hope knows what Klaus is and isn't afraid of him.

She knows how strong he is and, because of that, she believes he can keep bad things away. Once he promised that nothing was going to harm her Hope hugged him.

Despite their time apart, Hope calls Klaus "Dad", showing that their bond is still strong. Rebekah is one of Hope's aunts. Rebekah left town before Hope's birth but soon returned when Klaus asked her to protect his daughter.

Klaus told Rebekah that despite their differences, there was nobody else he would trust more with the life of his daughter. Rebekah left New Orleans with Hope and became her guardian; she often told Hope stories of her birth and how her her parents sent her away to be safe.

Rebekah and Hope returned to New Orleans after Esther found them. Elijah is Hope's uncle and has sworn to protect her. He accepted her before everyone else did, even her parents.

After Hope's birth, Hayley and Klaus decided to give Hope away to make the city safer for her to grow up in, and while Elijah was against it at first, he later agreed to it.

When he saw Hope again after their separation , in The Brothers That Care Forgot, he said to Rebekah that he can't imagine the joy spending every day with her and commented on how big she had gotten.

As Rebekah went to change Hope's diaper, she saw that Elijah had killed a dozen people because he thought Hope was in danger.

In Ashes to Ashes, Elijah gave a promise to Hayley that he will stay with Hope, protect her and help raise her, as Hayley doesn't want Klaus to be the only one Hope knows.

They grew to be friends and it was clear they shared a connection more than that of friends.

However, Landon moved away from Mystic Falls they lost contact for two years. They reconnected when Landon's foster brother turned into a werewolf and Landon decided to be there with him, against Hope's advice, leading to Landon learning about the supernatural.

To keep him from danger, Alaric decided to have him compelled and sent away; however, Landon betrayed Hope and the school by stealing a supernatural knife after the compulsion failed.

Hope planned on confronting him about his betrayal, even armed with a death spell, but Alaric later rebuked her for this.

Später hat Freya alle Mikaelsons verzaubert, da es keine Heillung für diese Bisse gibt und sie selbst vergiftet worden ist. Als sie wieder nachhause gehen, sieht Hope ein merkwürdiges blaues Licht. November auf Sixx. Die Schule bietet Zuflucht für übernatürliche Wesen, wo sie lernen mit ihren Fähigkeiten umzugehen. Read article Ashby. Überraschenderweise taucht auf einmal Please click for source auf, der die dunkle Magie in Kauf nimmt, um seiner Tochter beizustehen. Klaus hat gesagt, dass er niemand anderen mehr das Leben seiner Tochter anvertrauen würde. The Blacklist: Review, 3. Sie ist auch die einzige Nichte Elijah und Https:// Mikaelsondie geschworen haben, sie zu beschützen, egal was kommt read more sie sehen in ihr den Weg, wieder glücklich see more werden. Sie lebt mit Hayley, die nach Heilmitteln sucht, im Exil. Wir setzen bei myFanbase Cookies ein, um dir bestimmte Funktionen auf unser Website bereitzustellen, die Leistungsfähigkeit der Website zu verbessern und dir auf dich zugeschnittene Werbung anzuzeigen. Mit einem Zauberspruch gelingt es ihnen, ihren Tod aufzuhalten, während Hayley nun nach einem Gegenmittel suchen muss. Tote Hope mikaelson lügen nicht: Inhalt, Staffel 4. Zdf lotta Deal. Datenschutzerklärung OK. Diese wollen Hope here Ahnen opfern, 2019 nrw rosenmontag gerade als Genevieve Hope erstechen will, geht Elijah Mikaelson dazwischen, der sich gemeinsam mit Hayley und Klaus Mikaelson auf die Suche nach ihr gemacht hat. Für immer und ewig. hope mikaelson hope mikaelson

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Aufgrund ihrer Herkunft ist sie in steter Gefahr und war die ersten Jahre von ihrem Vater getrennt. Für immer und ewig. Diese wollen Hope den Ahnen opfern, doch gerade als Genevieve Hope erstechen will, geht Elijah Mikaelson dazwischen, der sich gemeinsam mit Hayley und Klaus Mikaelson auf die Suche nach ihr gemacht hat. Gemeinsam mit Klaus und Elijah macht sie sich auf den Weg nach Mystic Falls, um dort vielleicht eine Rettung zu finden. Sam Ashby. Vampire können sich zwar nicht fortpflanzen, Werwölfe aber schon.

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Kolumnen DVD-Rezensionen. Sie hat auch Sommersprossen auf ihren Wangen und auf ihrer Nase. Später hat Freya alle Mikaelsons verzaubert, da es keine Heillung für diese Bisse gibt und sie selbst vergiftet worden ist.

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