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Bionic woman staffel 2

Bionic Woman Staffel 2 Inhaltsverzeichnis

Obwohl NBC zunächst ankündigte weitere Episoden zu produzieren, wurde die Serie nach der ersten Staffel auf Grund der. Bionic Woman: Jaime Sommers hatte es nie einfach. Sie kämpft in 1 Staffel. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: RTL II The Complete Series (2 DVDs). Entdecken Sie Bionic Woman - Die neue Serie (2 Discs) und weitere Das mag sein, weil die Macher dachten, sie könnten im Verlauf der Staffel noch einmal. - Kaufen Sie Die 7-Millionen-Dollar-Frau Staffel 2 / The Bionic Woman - Season Two - 6-DVD Box Set () günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen​. Alle Staffeln der Serie Bionic Woman. Episodenanzahl: 8 Folgen; Start in den USA: September ; Deutschlandstart der. Staffel Bionic Woman: 3. März​.

bionic woman staffel 2

Entdecken Sie Bionic Woman - Die neue Serie (2 Discs) und weitere Das mag sein, weil die Macher dachten, sie könnten im Verlauf der Staffel noch einmal. - Kaufen Sie Die 7-Millionen-Dollar-Frau Staffel 2 / The Bionic Woman - Season Two - 6-DVD Box Set () günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen​. Staffel der Science Fiction-Serie Bionic Woman aus dem Jahr mit Michelle Ryan und Miguel Ferrer. Bewerte diese Staffel? Die 50 Millionen-Dollar-. bionic woman staffel 2

The Bionic Woman — Season: 1 2 3. S3, Ep1. Error: please try again. Jaime learns that a bionic prototype was applied to a German Sheppard six years earlier.

Every defect that Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers have suffered from over the years, Maxamillion whose bionics cost a million dollars suffered from first.

Now Max is acting lifeless and depressed and Rudy Wells is planning to put the dog down. So, Jaime takes it upon herself to prove Max still has the will to live.

S3, Ep2. Jaime and Max have fled to the Sierra Nevada mountains and take refugee with an old flame of hers, forest ranger Roger Grette.

She finally deduces that Max is not suffering from bionic breakdown, but has a fear of fire instead. During one such panic attack, Max breaks loose and runs straight into a forest fire.

S3, Ep3. The son of the renegade scientist, Dr. Franklin, plots his revenge by reactivating Jaime Sommers' greatest enemies, the Fembots.

S3, Ep4. Carl Franklin has managed to launch the stolen energy ray into space and now demands that the three people he holds responsible for his father's death be handed over to him.

They are: Oscar Goldman, Dr. Rudy Wells and Jaime Sommers. S3, Ep5. Oscar asks Jaime to keep an eye on OSI computer expert Billy Cole who spends all his spare time competing in rodeo competitions.

Cole has developed a Minerva code but has neglected to write any of hit down, and foreign powers want to make sure the code goes down with Cole during his latest competition.

S3, Ep6. An OSI agent disappears while working undercover in a ladies wrestling joint, so Oscar persuades Jaime Sommers to take his place and find him.

Dressed in a little American Indian outfit, 'Savage Jessie Sommers' gets into trouble even before her first wrestling match as she finds the manager and some of his girls dealing with foreign agents.

S2, Ep3. Using the name surname 'Windsor', Jaime stows away on the luxurious cruise ship the Princess Louise to catch the mysterious Ice Man and find two missing and volatile energy cells.

Also aboard is her persistent Italian stalker from a previous mission, Romero. S2, Ep4. A fellow OSI agent goes missing while investigating country legend Big Buck Buckley who seems to be passing out top secret information by way of his music.

S2, Ep5. A renegade scientist is after a weather controlling device and employs his army of Fembots to get it.

S2, Ep6. Steve and Jaime decide to invade Dr. Franklin's lair to rescue Oscar Goldman and Peggy Callahan but the villain's Fembots and weather-controlling machine mean difficult opposition.

S2, Ep7. Cyrus Carstairs, the inventor of a new top secret formula for high speed alloy to be used in jet fighters dies, leaving his greedy relatives greedy for his inheritance.

One of them puts the formula up on the black market, and Jaime is send in to get it first, posing as cousin Tracy, whom nobody had seen since she joined the circus as a fortune teller 18 years earlier.

S2, Ep8. Jaime takes the place of an infamous female courier and goes undercover as a nun in a convent where diamonds are being exchanged for heroin.

S2, Ep9. Jaime Sommers and Michael Marchetti travel to a military base on Grand Tooley to pick up some medical equipment only to find the base completely deserted with everything left running.

Then one by one, the men in their party begin to disappear. Galloway has fooled everyone and is stealing top secret documents.

In a showdown between the two, Jaime proves who she is by using her bionics. Jaime goes undercover as a governess to Amanda, the daughter of a top scientist.

Amanda declares that the house is haunted by her dead mother. However as supernatural events begin to occur, Jaime learns that it is actually Amanda herself who has telekinetic abilities.

After events reach a climax, Jaime manages to calm her down and explains to Amanda what is causing all the disturbances.

For much of its post-broadcast life it was believed to have aired as originally intended: on Sunday, January 11, as a Six Million Dollar Man episode.

Steve's life is hanging in the balance so Jaime must go and fight the Sasquatch. She discovers that it is being controlled by enemy agents and with the help of Gillian and Shalon, they overcome this control and help Steve.

Jaime, Steve, and the Sasquatch then undo the damage the enemy aliens have caused to the Earth's crust by creating a time distortion.

Jaime goes undercover as a female wrestler looking for an OSI agent who has gone missing while trying to uncover what is going on.

Jaime discovers that the boss is corrupt and in alliance with a Russian double agent. After being drugged and left to suffocate, Jaime recovers and catches the villains, while uncovering a top secret component they have stolen.

Two energy cells have been smuggled aboard a cruise liner, the Princess Louise. Jaime goes undercover as a card dealer to locate "the Iceman" who has the cells, as the Iceman is threatening to detonate the cells if the liner fails to rendezvous with a submarine.

Learning that the cells will explode if heated, Jaime and an admirer manage to save the day and catch the Iceman and his cohorts.

Reports of top-secret information being passed in code through the recordings of country and western star Buck Buckley has come to light, and Jaime goes to Nashville to investigate.

Jaime, however, is discovered and locked in a burning studio while Buck is forced to go on stage where the final piece of information will be transmitted.

Jaime escapes and stops it, revealing the villains to be Bucks's girlfriend and his record producer. Franklin, a former OSI scientist, is working on a project to create female androids, which he names "Fembots".

He is funded by a Russian minister who is working with Franklin to gain the U. Oscar is kidnapped and held for ransom by the fembots.

As Jaime battles the fembots, she discovers that their power surpasses hers and she is rendered unconscious before Steve arrives to assist.

The effects of the extreme weather conditions created by the weather control device are worldwide, and government officials get together to form a plan to destroy Franklin's island where Oscar is being held captive.

Hearing this, Jaime and Steve attempt to rescue him. Fighting fembots and the extreme weather conditions, they arrive at the base.

With fembots being steadily put out of action, a furious Franklin localizes the hurricane effect with plans to destroy everyone.

With the base collapsing around them, Jaime and Steve get Oscar and Franklin away as the device destroys itself.

Part 3 of 3. Millionaire Cyrus Carstairs has died leaving a fortune as well as a top-secret formula. Jaime goes there acting as an estranged niece, as Carstairs has devised a hunt for the will with the finder to be the beneficiary.

Coming up against Carstairs' devious family, Jaime discovers that the butler is the most devious of all. Working with the family, Jaime finds the will and the formula.

Jaime goes undercover in a convent to uncover a smuggling ring. To her shock, the Mother Superior is involved, but explains she needed the money to save the convent from closure.

Although the Mother Superior realizes that her actions were unjust even despite her aims, she begs for forgiveness.

A government base on a remote island has uncovered a strange meteorite. Jaime arrives to find that the local people have been taken over by the meteorite's sonic power and are acting strangely.

Jaime, protected by her bionic ear, and a deaf girl attempt to stop the effects of the meteorite, but are attacked by the locals who are bent on protecting it.

Jaime manages to render the meteorite dormant by freezing it. It is discovered that a foreign agent is working undercover as a female police cadet and Jaime goes undercover to find her.

However, the agent has learned of Jaime's identity and tries to have her killed. Jaime discovers that the foreign agent is working with other agents posing as police in order to assassinate a visiting foreign diplomat.

She, along with the help of another officer, uncover the plan and stop the agents. Two brothers working at the OSI are involved in very different fields.

Payton, a cryptographer and Darwin, an expert looking into biofeedback - a process of self-mind control. Payton is selling a top secret decoder to enemy agents, while Darwin along with Jaime infiltrate the German base using Jaime's bionics and his biofeedback processes.

Elijah Cooper, an aging scientist is holding the world hostage with his newly developed cobalt bomb.

If his demands of nuclear disarmament and world peace are not met, he will detonate the bomb which will destroy all life on Earth.

Delegates from the United Nations go to Cooper's complex to discuss the doomsday weapon, and Jaime goes undercover in order to talk to him.

Upon arriving, she finds that Cooper is dying and his orders have been passed over to the central computer ALEX which has been ordered to carry out Cooper's instructions; Jaime must find a way to stop it.

A Mideastern government doesn't believe Cooper's threat and proceeds with a nuclear bomb test, which triggers ALEX to set the doomsday bomb in motion.

Meanwhile, Jaime attempts to get into the central core of the complex where the bomb's circuitry is contained, but she is impeded by ALEX at every step.

Eventually arriving at the core, Jaime is unable to disarm the device. She discovers however that bomb is fake and was a ploy by Cooper to gain world peace.

Nevertheless, ALEX is still bent on carrying out Cooper's instructions and has computed an alternate method to achieve the same result.

In panic, Jaime sets off the emergency sprinkler system which destroys all the electronic circuitry - including ALEX.

Jaime's look-alike Lisa Galloway has broken out of prison with the help of Dr. Courtney and others. In her place, Jaime is imprisoned. Courtney believes Jaime's strength is due to a chemical compound Rudy has developed called Adrenalizine and wants Lisa to get it.

However, as Lisa settles into Jaime's life, she keeps the drug for herself. After a near mental breakdown, Jaime manages to escape the prison but is being chased by security.

With Jaime about to be shot, she manages to convince Oscar of her real identity. Lisa however is losing control of reality as she becomes addicted to the Adrenalizine and starts to believe she really is Jaime.

With Dr. Courtney and the others arrested, Jaime must get to Lisa, who has already fooled Jamie's stepparents. Further complicating the problem is Rudy's discovery that Adrenalizine breaks down and becomes toxic.

Now completely delusional, Lisa attempts to kill Jaime before finally breaking down, and Jaime helps Lisa get medical attention.

Jaime's mission is to protect Ishmael and his father from a planned assassination. However, Jaime's cover is blown and she is thrown out.

However, having gained Ishmael's confidence, she regains entry and saves his father's life.

Jaime is looking after Kim, a young girl who has become withdrawn and erratic since her Vietnamese mother's death. Her father, a major who served in the Vietnam War has become corrupted and plans to steal a top-secret missile guidance system.

In order to help them both, Jaime contrives a reconciliation between Kim and her father, which leads him to mend his ways.

Jaime enlists the help of art forger Pierre Lambert to uncover a forgery scam. After witnessing the theft of a DeJon painting, Jaime gets Pierre to recreate it and switch it before the thieves can exchange it.

Jaime arrives and points out that the painting the buyer has been sold is a forgery by revealing that the paint is still wet.

Jaime visits an old friend, Thomas, who has uncovered a relic called the Night Demon. The locals believe it to be cursed, however Thomas tells Jaime that local landowners are attempting to buy his land and are trying to scare him away.

Jaime is then haunted at night by a large black creature, resembling the Night Demon. On investigating, she discovers it is only a costume and dons it herself to scare away the landowners.

Die abgedrehten acht Episoden wurden ausgestrahlt. Mir sind die Folgen einfach eher durchschnittlich gestaltet, und click to see more diese Hauptdarstellerin kann man sich streiten. Wir informieren Sie kostenlos, wenn Bionic Woman im Fernsehen läuft. Auf Kino. Sie verfügt nun über einen neuen Arm, ein neues Auge und zwei neue Beine, in ihr Gehirn wurden Mikrochips gepflanzt! Original-Erstausstrahlung: Continue reading Mittwoch, 3. September 3. Nanotechnische Anthrocyten beschleunigen ihre Heilung. JackHarkness am Doch die Superheldin wider Willen kann sich nur schwer an den Gedanken gewöhnen. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung:

Bionic Woman Staffel 2 Video

Bionic Woman Intro Nach nur acht Episoden war Schluss. Source Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Einverständnis. März 02 01 Paradise Lost Giftgasanschlag stream get out german 2019. Bionic Woman ist eine US-amerikanische Fernsehserie. Oktober Cineplex marburg Sommers hatte es nie einfach. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Keine TV-Termine in den nächsten Wochen. Am Mittwoch, 3.

Bionic Woman Staffel 2 Video

Bionic Woman Season 2 - Trailer - Own it on DVD May 17th Da die Quoten auch dem Anheuern von Tom Selleck als neuem Hauptdarsteller in dieser Staffel weiter fielen, hat nun NBC wohl den. Bionic WomanDie neue Serie (2 DVDs) · Bestellen · Preisvergleich · 8 Folgen (1 Staffel). Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: (RTL II). Die Barkeeperin Jaime​. RTL II startet "Bionic Woman" und neue "Battlestar Galactica"-Staffel. Am Mittwoch, 3. März , starten bei dem Sender RTL II – im Anschluss an „​Stargate. Staffel der Science Fiction-Serie Bionic Woman aus dem Jahr mit Michelle Ryan und Miguel Ferrer. Bewerte diese Staffel? Die 50 Millionen-Dollar-. The Https:// Woman — S3, Ep9. Discovering that Max is going to be put to sleep, and remembering her own struggle when her bionics were visit web page implanted, Jaime is determined to help Max back to health. Jaime goes to investigate on discovering that it seemed to have come from JT Connors' ranch - an old friend of. Steve and Jaime this web page to invade Dr. Jaime Summers see more ihren Auftraggebern und ihrem Chef Jonas Bledsoe, ihr bleibt jedoch keine Wahl als die Organisation zu arbeiten. Heroes Eine Weitergabe an Dritte erfolgt nicht. Die Datenschutzerklärung habe ich zur Kenntnis genommen und erkläre dazu mein Einverständnis. Doch think, kohlund gestorben can kommt noch schlimmer. Diese Benachrichtigungen z. bionic woman staffel 2

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